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Full Frame Drone

Full Frame Drone Mapping Camera Instructions

Do drones with full-frame camera sensors capture better images? why is that? Here, we’ll take a closer look at full-frame cameras.

What is a full-frame camera?

A full-frame camera refers to a digital camera that uses the same size sensor (i.e. 35mm film) as a traditional film camera. The size of this camera sensor is usually 36mm x 24mm, so it is called Full Frame, or FF for short.

Advantages of full-frame cameras:

  • Higher image quality
  • A broader perspective
  • Better shallow depth of field effect
  • Better low light performance

Full-frame cameras have larger pixels and lower noise levels, and a larger sensor area, which can provide higher image quality and better detail expression capabilities.

Which is better, a 1-inch sensor drone or a full-frame camera drone?

The 1-inch sensor size is approximately 12.8mm x 9.6mm, while the full-frame camera sensor size is 36mm x 24mm, which will be slightly inferior in terms of high sensitivity, depth of field, and dynamic range.

Full Frame Sensor VS Common Size Sensor

Why are full-frame camera drones more conducive to drone aerial photogrammetry?

Provide higher image quality: Compared with small-size sensor cameras, full-frame cameras have larger photosensitive elements with the same number of pixels, which can provide higher image quality and better detail performance. For aerial photogrammetry, this means more accurate and clearer image data.

Improved terrain modeling and measurement accuracy: The high pixels and low noise levels of full-frame cameras enable them to capture more detail and texture information. In aerial photogrammetry, these details and texture information are very important for terrain modeling, 3D reconstruction and survey analysis.

Supports a wider field of view and greater coverage: By using the same size sensor as a traditional film camera, a full-frame camera can provide a wider field of view and be able to capture more areas. For UAV aerial photogrammetry, this can achieve wider coverage, reduce the number of shots and navigation paths, and improve work efficiency.

Does Autel make full-frame camera drones?

While Autel Drones doesn’t have a full-frame camera drone yet, we have the best one-inch sensor 6K drones: the EVO Lite+ and Autel EVO II Pro V3 drones.

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