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Autel Alpha IP55 Rating

What Is Drone IP Rating Level?

IP rating stands for Ingress Protection and is a standard that indicates the level of protection an electronic device has against external elements such as dust and water. For drones, this rating is crucial as it helps users understand how well their device will handle various environmental conditions.

IP rating standards

IP ratings are usually expressed as two digits, with the first digit indicating protection against solid objects such as dust and dirt. The second number represents protection against liquids such as water.

The first number is a number between 0-6 and the second number is a number between 0-9. The higher the number, the better the protection.

In some cases, the IP rating may be IPX7, IP5X, or similar. An X indicates that the product has not been tested in this category.

In some cases, an additional letter may appear at the end of the IP rating, such as IP67M. This is done to indicate certified resistance to specific materials/hazards (e.g. oil or high voltage), or to specific scenarios where IP testing is performed (e.g. in flowing water).

The "K" in some IP ratings indicates that the enclosure must provide protection against the ingress of directional water jets at high temperatures and pressures.

Guidelines for IP Ratings and How They Relate to Drone Flights

Checking your drone’s IP rating is a good way to determine how weather-resistant your aircraft is. When performing drone missions, the drone often has to enter some areas that are difficult to reach and is subject to more external interference factors. The higher the protection level, the higher the degree of protection the drone is protected.

Which Autel drones are IP rated?

Autel EVO MAX 4T: IP43

Autel EVO MAX 4N: IP43

Autel Alpha: IP55

IP ratings are not permanent and may degrade due to product wear.

autel evo max 4t IP43

autel alpha IP55 Rating

Other DJI aircraft, such as EVO Nano,EVO Lite, EVO II series, do not have IP ratings. Therefore, it is recommended not to fly in the rain.

In addition to this, a range of Autel payloads have their own IP ratings, enabling them to be used with compatible aircraft in wet weather or dusty conditions. The Autel Smart Controller is also weatherproof.

Are Autel IP55 drones waterproof?

IP55-rated drones can fly in environments with a certain amount of rainfall, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely waterproof.

Autel Alpha is not allowed to fly under conditions where rainfall exceeds 100 mm within 24 hours.

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