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Drones with Laser Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinder Takes Drone Technology To New Heights

In the ever-evolving field of drone technology, the addition of laser rangefinders (LRF) has become a new highlight. UAVs equipped with laser rangefinders will be able to measure the distance of objects observed by the camera, enabling the flexible use of UAVs in more fields.

Laser rangefinders enable drone operators to make high-precision distance measurements by firing an infrared beam at a target and timing the time it takes for the light to reflect back to the sensor.

Currently, leading drone manufacturers such as DJI and Autel have recognized the potential of laser rangefinders. They have seamlessly integrated this technology into their drones, giving users access to a variety of new features and the ability to collect data once thought unachievable.

LRF-capable drones:

  • DJI Matrice 30 series
  • Zenmuse H20 series for Matrice 300/350
  • Autel Evo Max Series
  • Autel Alpha/ Autel Titan

When using the drone, the laser rangefinder will work simultaneously with the camera, and the measured object data can be displayed intuitively on the drone software interface. Set the target object to the drone tracking object, select it, the drone will always follow the movement of the object to adjust the flight trajectory, and give ranging data in real time, including RNG distance and ASL distance. Autel's accuracy error is up to MAX 4T within 1 meter.

Autel MAX 4T w/Laser Rangefinder

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The purpose of laser rangefinder

The applications of UAV LRF are both broad and far-reaching.

In forestry, professionals use them to calculate tree heights and contribute to sustainable forest management.

In sports, LRF helps golfers measure distance to help make critical decisions about club selection.

In wildfire hotspot detection, drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras can fully discover the ignition and re-ignition points of wildfires. Drones equipped with LRF enable operators to create precise points on each identification point, achieving accuracy and efficiency. forest fire fighting operations.

In search and rescue missions, once a trapped person is found, the laser rangefinder will be able to accurately convey the ground coordinates to the search and rescue personnel, and quickly formulate a rescue plan.

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