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drone filters

Comprehensive understanding of drone filters: CPL, ND, GND, UV

With the popularity of drone photography, more and more aerial photography enthusiasts and drone photographers are beginning to pay attention to drone filters. Drone filters will improve the quality of drone photography images and bring stunning photography effects.

Common drone filters are: Polarizing Filter (CPL), Neutral Density Filter (ND), Gradient Density Filter (GND) and Ultraviolet Filter (UV). Here we will fully understand their functions and scenes to be used.

drone filters

1. Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL)

Function: Reduce or eliminate reflected light at specific angles, improve contrast and color vividness.

Usage scenarios: Suitable for shooting reflections from water, glass or other non-metallic surfaces, and adding color depth to the sky.

2. Neutral Density Filter (ND)

Function: Control the amount of light entering the camera lens, reduce light intensity, and slow down the shutter speed.

Usage scenarios: Under strong light conditions, you can still use a larger aperture to shoot, or produce a blur effect when shooting moving objects.

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3. Graduated Neutral Density Filter (GND)

Function: When shooting high-contrast scenes, balance the brightness differences to make the overall picture more balanced.

Usage scenarios: Suitable for shooting scenes such as sunset and sunrise, as well as situations where the contrast between light and dark between mountains and rivers is relatively strong.

4. Ultraviolet Filter (UV)

Function: Mainly used to block ultraviolet rays, protect the lens, and reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on photos.

Usage scenario: Generally used to protect the lens surface and improve image clarity and contrast when no special effects are required.


Drone filters play a vital role in aerial photography. Correct selection and flexible use of filters can add more artistic expression to aerial photography. Autel EVO Lite series and EVO II series can add ND filters and UV filters!

In actual shooting, the camera settings of aperture + shutter + ISO bring good photography effects, and reasonable selection of filters can further improve the image quality. Pre-production photography is more attractive than post-production modifications. Drone photographers can fully combine drone filters and use them to create more stunning aerial photography.

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