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Gimbal For Camera Drone | Drone Camera Guides

Gimbal For Camera Drone | Drone Camera Guides

Having a compact, portable camera and gimbal is friendly to drone players. The gimbal and camera of consumer drones are often integrated, and the gimbal is the best anti-shake device for the camera.

What is a gimbal?

Throughout history, movie studios have often used expensive and bulky tools like Steadicams and dolly rails to keep tracking shots smooth. The drone is used as an aircraft, and it does not initially have a camera with a gimbal.

The camera drone with gimbal is a genesis invention. The gimbal provides stable and smooth shooting for drones in high-speed flight, and the smooth tracking lens can achieve the best results whether it is scene shooting or dynamic tracking of objects. 

Multi-axis gimbal for drone

A gimbal is a device that allows you to capture steady, smooth footage from your camera as you move.

The two most common types of stabilization are 3-axis and 2-axis. The 3-axis stabilizer counteracts all three motions: up and down (yaw), left and right (pitch), and front and rear (roll).

Autel Drones camera drones with three-axis gimbal include EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, EVO II series.

Autel EVO Lite is the only camera drone with 4-axis gimbal stabilization. EVO Lite supports vertical screen shooting, the size of the shooting picture will not be cropped, and the real lossless output.

 EVO Lite Gimbal for drones

Advantages of gimbal for camera drone

  • They make your footage higher quality and look more cinematic.
  • The gimbal and camera of drones are often integrated, and drone beginners do not need to learn how to set up the gimbal.
  • The Gimbal is perfect for filmmakers, photographers or anyone looking to create great photos.

common problem

How to calibrate the gimbal?

The steps for calibrating the gimbal are similar, you can check this article to learn more.

How To Calibrate EVO Nano/Nano+ Series Drone Gimbal?

Can I replace the gimbal?

The gimbal of the Autel EVO II series can be removed and replaced, and the EVO II series can support the replacement of 6k cameras and 8k dual cameras. The only drone brand currently available can do this.

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