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Drone Charge Hub for EVO II Series

Drone Charging Hubs: Everything You Need to Know

Most consumer drones last around 30 minutes at a time, and to maintain the drone's flight time, you must bring the drone's charging equipment or extra battery accessories. Carrying more drone battery accessories will save you a lot of trouble.

The drone charging hub supports higher power current transmission and supports charging of multiple batteries. Autel drones have EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, EVO II series and Dragonfish series. Taking consumer drones as an example, the EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, and EVO II series all have their own charging hubs.

The EVO Nano series uses a 2250mAh lithium battery, and it takes 90 minutes to charge a single battery. The EVO Lite series uses a 6175mAh lithium battery, and it takes 90 minutes to charge a single battery. EVO II series 7100 mAh lithium battery, charging time is 90 minutes. Due to the inconsistent power and capacity of drone batteries, different EVO battery series correspond to different drone multi-charging hubs.

The Autel EVO charging center can accurately charge multiple drone batteries and supply power quickly to ensure long-distance flight of the drone. For outdoor travel, carrying a drone car charger or a drone multi-charging hub can solve the problem of charging multiple batteries at the same time and help prolong the flight time.

Autel EVO Nano & Lite Series Multi-Charge Hub

The Autel EVO Nano multi-charging hub and the Autel EVO Lite multi-charging hub are relatively simple, without prompts, and can hold up to three batteries at a time, charging according to the battery level from high to low.

Does the Autel Multi-Charge Hub charge at the same time?

No, the Multi-Charge Hub will charge the drone's battery in sequence according to the level of remaining battery power.

How To Use The Autel EVO II Multi-Charge Hub?

The Autel EVO II charging center can hold 4 EVO II batteries at a time for easy operation and fast power supply.

1. Connect the charging cable and turn on the power switch of the charging center

2. The function of the power indicator

  • Charging is possible when the power light is blue
  • Charging when the power light blinks green
  • Fully charged when the power light is solid green
  • When the power indicator is red, it means failure, do not charge

3. When the power indicator is normal, insert the drone EVO II series batteries in turn.

4. When charging the drone battery, the Autel EVO charging center will charge according to the remaining power of the drone battery from high to low, and the battery with the highest remaining power will be charged first until 100%, and then the remaining batteries will be charged.

Autel drone batteries are designed with lithium-ion batteries for durability and long life. At the same time, when charging the drone battery, it is also necessary to pay attention to the external environmental factors of the drone battery charging to avoid damage to the life of the lithium-ion battery.

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