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640T VS 640R

640T VS 640R - Which Thermal Camera Drone Is Best For You?

640T or 640R, high-quality thermal imaging drone from Autel Robotics, one of the largest U.S. drone manufacturers, the EVO II Dual 640T series in Autel Drones is made in the United States, and more than 75% of the quantity is made of foreign and American components and labor.

How to distinguish 640T and 640R?

Autel EVO II Dual 640t and Autel EVO II Dual 640r only have the camera lens used by the thermal sensor, and other parameters are the same. The 640R thermal sensor lens adopts American manufacturer FLIR Boson sensor, and the 640T thermal sensor lens adopts Chinese manufacturer InfiRay. Both drones are capable of infrared thermal radiation measurements.

640T VS 640R - who is better?

The image quality is virtually identical between FLIR Boson Radiometric and InfiRay Radiometric. The difference is that the radiation core captures the temperature of each pixel for radiation processing in FLIR Studios. The sensitivity and accuracy of both cores remain the same. The EVO II Dual 640t can use the free IRPC Tools.

640T VS 640R - Who is more applicable?

Thermal imaging drones have a wide range of uses. UAVs equipped with thermal imaging can perform solar inspection, substation line inspection, roof inspection, search and rescue, fire rescue, night search, thermal camera hunting, wildlife tracking, and more.

Here, we need to know about the standard usage of Autel EVO II Dual County of Origin (COO). In 2020, Autel announced a "Made in America" ​​campaign to manufacture and assemble the Autel EVO II Dual at its headquarters in Bothell, Washington, USA. The EVO II Dual 640t has a Chinese COO, which is important for industries and sectors that may receive funding from sources that prohibit the purchase of non-US COO drone platforms.

640T VS 640R--Security

Although, DJI drones have received a ban in the United States, citing information and data leakage. Chinese drones are not guaranteed? Not so.

Data on Autel products is safe. Autel products do not rely on LTE, are not connected to a server, and can operate in airplane mode without a mobile device, connecting, or downloading a local map. Autel does not have any servers outside of Houston, TX where users can determine if their logs are stored and at no point does photo, video, EMEI or other data transfer to servers in Houston, TX . Autel does not have access to user data. In other words, user data is always under user control.

640T VS 640R--Video Comparison