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Basics Of The EVO Battery and Charger

Battery & Charger Overview

How to remove the battery from the aircraft?

Unfold the front arms, then, while holding the aircraft press down on the battery release button and slide the battery towards the rear of the aircraft. Please ensure that you power down the aircraft before removing the EVO battery.

The aircraft battery is a rechargeable 4300 milliamp power Lipo battery and specially designed for EVO Drone. Each battery contains 3 cells intelligent components, allowing the EVO battery to self-discharge to an optimal level when stored for extended periods of time. If you are storing your batteries for an extended period of time, we recommend charging batteries at least once every three months. Improper maintenance of Lipo batteries can severely shorten the life of the battery.

How to check the batteries charge?

Press the button once to check the level, the LED lights give us a snapshot of how much power is left: two lights indicate that the battery is around 50%. You should always charge your batteries to 100% before using the battery.

How to charge the EVO battery?

Charges by using the included Autel robotics charger only. Use an approved Autel robotics charger for your EVO batteries.

Plug the charger into any standard home outlet in between 110 volts and 240 volts, flip open the protective cover then attach the end of the charger to the battery and slide the connector onto the battery, terminal the LED lights on the battery will now begin to trickle up. 

It can take up to 80 minutes to charge and will vary based on the charge. The battery is fully charged when all four LED indicator lights turn off, a fully charged battery will provide up to 30 minutes of flight time and ideal conditions.

Autel EVO battery functions and notes

Your EVO's battery has several smart functionalities added to protect and preserve its life.

A smart self-discharge will automatically discharge the battery to 70% after being idle for six days to prevent damage, of course, you can adjust the self-discharge settings.

  • For long-term storage store the batteries in a dry well-ventilated area at room temperature.
  • To ensure you get the full life from your battery, charge your batteries at least once every three months.
  • Battery life inevitably shortens over time and battery life may be reduced if it is left unused over extended periods of time. We recommend charging batteries at least once every three months.

The battery for your aircraft also features overcharge protection, short-circuit protection and power-saving modes. If your battery becomes damaged due to a crash or water damage discontinue use, immediately and contact our support team.

How to charge the remote controller?

Your charger can simultaneously charge your aircraft's battery and your remote controller. Attach the provided USB cable to the charger brick and the other end into the remote controller under the protective cover, you can monitor the charging process on the built-in OLEDs screen.

The remote controller can take up to 150 minutes to fully charge, the runtime on a fully charged remote controller is 3 hours when the battery is fully charged, the remote controller will beep twice and here's a pro tip.

You can charge your remote controller using a battery bank this can come in handy if you forget to charge your remote controller before a flight. It's always important to properly maintain your lipo batteries always fully charge your batteries, before a flight if the batteries have self-discharge ensure you charge them to 100% before using them, again improper care can severely shorten the life of your battery.

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