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Autel Robotics EVO II Sries Battery Usage and Maintenance Tips

Video: EVO II Battery Usage and Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re flying for fun or putting your drone to work, you always want to maximize your drone’s flight time and performance. That’s why we’ve put together a few battery usage and maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your evo ii drone.

EVO II Battery Usage Tips

  • Ensure the EVO II battery is powered off before inserting into the aircraft.
  • Click the battery securely into place.
  • Always fully charge the battery before flight.
  • Allow approx. 90 minutes for a full charge.
  • Only use batteries and charging devices authorized by Autel Robotics.
  • Don't use a damaged battery charger.
  • The battery will enter ultra-low power consumption mode if left below 8% for more than 1 day.
  • Battery lever indicators will not turn on and the battery will need to be reactivated by charging.
  • After flying, wait until the battery has cooled to room temperature before charging. Overheat protection will prevent charging if connected immediately after flight. If overheated, the second LED indicator will flash. Charging will begin automatically once normal temperature is detected.
  • Do not ignore battery error messages when flying. If a low battery warning is displayed, return to home immediately to ensure a safe return.

EVO II Battery Maintenance Tips

  • Charge unsed batteries once a month.
  • If left critically low for too long, battery cells may become damaged.
  • When not used, EVO II batteries automatically discharge slowly over time.
  • Discharge time can be adjusted in the Autel Explorer App from 1-10 days.
  • Store batteries in a dry, well-ventilated area at room temperature. Ideal temperature is 72°F to 82°F (22℃ to 28℃).
  • Do not store in direct sunlight or near sharp items, moisture, or metal.
  • When in the aircraft, do not let the battery come into contact with moisture or heat.
  • Be aware of the effect weather has on your battery when flying.
  • Expect shorter battery life in extreme conditions.
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