Literally, a camera drone is a drone that installs one camera or more for shooting purposes. As a perfect combination of photography tools and flight technology, it brings people's shooting perspective from the ground to the air, leading a new visual carnival, playing an irreplaceable role in various fields that require aerial photography and aerial work, and rightfully becoming the permanent favorite of the drone industry.
What does a good camera drone look like in your eyes? Safe flight? professional shooting? Long flight time? Excellent image transmission? In fact, the person who buys such a drone is often more than just a pilot; he/she is likely a photographer with a passion for aerial perspectives. Therefore, the level of the camera largely determines whether they are willing to shell out their wallets for the investment. 
When you pick a camera drone, these bird's eyes inevitably fight a war of parameters and specifications, including but not limited to CMOS sensor size, photo pixels, video resolution, file formats, aperture, focus, etc, of which CMOS sensor is as important as the foundation of a building. Common sense is that, the larger the size of the CMOS sensor, the more information it will receive in a single pass, and the better image it will produce. Some new image processing technologies are also in the spotlight, such as RYYB design, lossless vertical shooting, intelligent moonlight algorithm, etc.
Be aware that if you need to work at night, it is best to choose a superior night drone. In this regard, Autel Robotics is slightly better than DJI, and its EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series released in 2022 provide a good solution for night pilots, especially the EVO Lite Plus drone equipped with the pioneered intelligent moonlight algorithm.
Of course, in order to get the best results, the camera drones must fly steadily to avoid too much shaking of the lens and have enough time to capture. The main reference is body weight, gimbal design, obstacle avoidance processing mechanism, wind resistance level, flight time, etc.

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