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Winter Drone Photography Guide

Winter photography and videography is a unique experience. Ground conditions can vary greatly, creating a huge contrast between snow-covered areas and the surroundings. The unique beauty of snowscapes allows photographers to constantly explore new possibilities with drones.

Here we will explain the guidelines and tips for winter photography.

The visual experience of winter drone photography is wonderful. The snow-covered area eliminates all details on the ground, like a blank white canvas, which can fully capture the winter elements, snow scenes, forests and mountains, frozen lakes, etc. .

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The most important factor to remember when shooting in winter is the change in external conditions, and the wondrous scenery of a winter wonderland is even better when viewed from a drone’s overhead perspective.

Consider weather conditions

Make sure you fly in relatively good weather conditions and avoid rain, snow or strong winds. Battery life may be shortened during winter when temperatures are lower, so keep an eye on battery life and bring spare batteries.

Looking for special winter elements

Look for snow-covered mountains, forests, lakes, or other landscapes that can look spectacular in the winter. Explore different angles and heights to find unique compositions and spots.

Frozen river in winter

Take advantage of contrast

The snow provides a bright backdrop, and you can try incorporating brightly colored objects or man-made structures into the frame to create a dramatic contrast.

Adjust white balance

Due to the reflective nature of snow, cameras can misread light conditions. Check your camera's white balance settings before shooting and adjust manually if necessary to get accurate colors.

Pay attention to exposure control

White snow reflects light strongly and can easily cause overexposure. Use the histogram or live video on the gimbal to monitor exposure, and use exposure compensation to fine-tune to ensure detail is preserved.

Stay safe

When flying in winter, pay special attention to potentially dangerous areas such as frozen lakes or rivers. Make sure you choose a safe, open space to fly and be aware of obstacles and other people around you.

The best new way to capture a winter wonderland: Autel EVO II Pro V3

When it comes to capturing stunning details in the winter, the best photography drone, the Autel EVO II Pro V3, has incredible aerial imaging capabilities. 1-inch CMOS camera, 40 minutes of flight time, captures 12-bit photos and 6K@30fps video, can use the follow function for automatic shooting, and time-lapse photography to capture stunning winter sunsets.

Autel EVO II Pro V3 Gray  Autel EVO II Pro V3 Orange

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