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How To Shoot 720° Rotating Video With Drone?

There is such a shooting mode in the Autel EVO Lite series drones, "Inception", which is the effect of the drone lens rotating 720°. It can be completed in the Autel Sky APP without the need for other tools.

Four-axis drones are usually controlled by a three-axis gimbal. The gimbal can rotate with a maximum range of about 180°, while the EVO Lite series drones can support 720° clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

First you need to choose a suitable environment and fly in an open area. After takeoff, look around to avoid obstacles that could cause a collision. Follow the video guide to start your "Inception" drone rotation video shooting.

Now, with the ability to create rotating videos at your fingertips, practice your aerial photography skills and share them with us.

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