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How Do I Use The "Mobile Fast Transfer" Function In Autel Sky APP?

Autel EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series use Autel Sky APP for remote control commands and signal image transmission display. Here we will explain the "mobile fast transfer" function.

Autel EVO Nano series drones have no built-in memory and require an external SD card for storage. EVO Lite series drones have 6GB of built-in memory and can also be installed with an external SD card. When the drone does not have on-board memory, the captured images and videos are stored in the cloud, and with the "mobile fast transfer" function, the cloud download will be very fast.

After the shooting is completed, the drone and the remote controller are connected point-to-point using wireless communication. The mobile phone is the connecting device and the remote controller is the transmitting signal source. Just hold your smartphone close to the drone and use the Autel Sky app to download photos and videos at 160Mbps (20MB/s).

How do I use the "mobile fast transfer" function?

1. Turn on the aircraft power supply and place the aircraft on the ground.

2. Connect mobile phone to the remote controller, operate Autel Sky App, and pair aircraft and the remote controller.

3. After pairing, open the album, select the required materials and then click the download icon to realize high-speed download.


- Please use the fast transfer function in an interference-free and unobstructed environment, away from routers, Bluetooth headphones and other sources of interference.

- In countries and regions where 5.8GHz band is allowed by law, the maximum download rate can be achieved in an interference-free and unobstructed environment. If the local 5.8GHz band is not allowed, the download rate will be limited when using 2.4GHz band for transmission.

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