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Drone Pilot Positioning and Tracking

Illegal Drone Detection and Drone Pilot Positioning and Tracking

Thousands of drones are taking off all over the world and illegal drones are always flying over my roof? There is a need to track the location of drones and their pilots, and the makers of Skyfend have come up with the first drone pilot locator, Skyfend Trace.

How to track and locate drone pilots?

The tracking and positioning of drone pilots are important difficulties that have not yet been addressed in contemporary anti-drone solutions. Locking the location of drone pilots is more effective than preventing indiscriminate flying of drones.

Common drone pilot positioning technologies and methods

  • Remote identification technology
  • Radio frequency monitoring
  • Mobile communication network
  • Visual surveillance system
  • Collaborative pilot reporting system
  • Ground radar system
  • Satellite positioning system
  • Laws and regulations

Skyfend Trace quickly determines the exact location of drones and pilots by analyzing wireless signal protocol layer information, thereby quickly finding pilots who fly drones illegally and issuing warnings or fines for illegally flying drones.

The Skyfend Trace detector detects the radio signal of the drone and obtains important information, including coordinates (latitude and longitude), altitude, speed, heading angle, model, SN and pilot position.

The positioning coordinates of the Skyfend Trace drone pilot locator are determined by the drone's remote broadcast ID signal. Compared with other drone pilot positioning technologies and methods, it is more accurate and effective.

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SkyfendTracer - Portable UAV Detector

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