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Skyfend Trace P & Skyfend Trace S Description

Skyfend Trace P & Skyfend Trace S Description

Skyfend Trace is a portable drone detector that can effectively receive, analyze and process radio signals from a wide range of drone models. Skyfend Trace comes in two models, suitable for various scenarios.

Skyfend Trace P version can quickly determine the exact location of the drone and pilot by analyzing wireless signal protocol layer information without causing any interference to wireless communication equipment in the protected area. When the drone communication protocol is turned off or cannot be obtained, detection and positioning through protocol analysis technology will not be possible.

skyfend tracer portable UAV Detector Trace-P omni UAV & pilot location

In order to cover more aircraft models and be suitable for more scenarios, the Skyfend Trace S version applies spectrum detection technology, which can detect most types of drones and determine their orientation.


  • Lock pilots & drones
  • Multi-frequency coverage
  • Zero radiation, strong concealment
  • Change the directional antenna to detect up to 5km
  • data integration
  • Dual mode, multiple scenes

Skyfend Trace P version (STP100)

Protocol Analysis (Drones with DronelD and Remote ID)

Functional Overview

Locate the pilot and obtain drone information

(Latitude and longitude coordinates, altitude, speed, yaw angle, model, serial number

and pilot position)

Detection model

DJI / AUTEL / Parrot / Skydio / PowerVision / HUBSAN FIMI

Detection time (<3s)

Number of drones that can be analyzed simultaneously: > 30

Omnidirectional detection distance (km): 2

Skyfend Trace S version (STS100)

Spectrum detection

Functional Overview

Detect and obtain drone information (model name, frequency band, direction)

Detection model


Detection time(s): <3

omnidirectional antenna

Detection distance (km): 2

Detection frequency band: 868MHz/915MHz /2.4GHz /5.2GHz /5.8GHz

Directional antenna (optional)

Detection distance (km): 5

Detection frequency band: 2.4GHz /5.2GHz /5.8GHz

Angular accuracy: ≤ 10°

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