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Skyfend Trace | Portable UAV detector & Pilot Locator

How To Detect Illegal Drones and Locate The Pilot?

Illegal drones can often be found in some important national functional departments, legislative bodies, and important event venues. These drones fly indiscriminately without reporting, which can easily cause air flight hazards and privacy leaks. Improving drone detection technology and locating drone pilots are important prerequisites for stopping illegal drones.

However, detecting illegal drones and locating their pilots can be a challenging task because drones can be small, fast, and difficult to detect. Currently, technologies and strategies available in counter-drone solutions to detect and track illegal drones include the following:

Radar and Radio Frequency (RF) Detection: Radar and RF sensors can detect the presence of a drone by detecting its signal or movement. The technology could also be used to locate drone pilots by triangulating signals.

Acoustic Detection: Acoustic sensors can detect drone sounds, which are often different from other aircraft. The technology can be used to locate a drone and estimate its altitude.

Visual detection: Drones can be detected visually by trained observers or using cameras with specialized software. The technology can be used to detect drones and identify their location, but may not work well in low-light conditions or when the drone is flying at high altitudes.

Drone detection systems: There are commercial drone detection systems on the market that use a combination of radar, radio frequency, and acoustic sensors to detect and identify drones. Some of these systems can also track the drone's position and estimate the pilot's position.

Skyfend Trace P is a mature anti-drone detection device. It can be used to detect drones and locate the pilot's position, directly warning the drone pilot, and thus driving away illegal drones.

skyfend tracer portable UAV Detector Trace-P omni UAV & pilot location

Skyfend Tracer is a portable UAV detector that effectively receives, analyzes and processes the radio signals of a wide range of UAV models. Skyfend Tracer-P is suitable for extensive and highly maneuverable operations, allowing for deployment in environments that have stringent size, weight and power demands. There are two models for various scenarios.

Interception: Once a drone is detected, interception can be used to control the drone or force it to land. This can be done using electronic countermeasures (ECM) techniques such as GPS jamming or frequency jamming.

It is worth noting that drone detection and interception may require permission or authorization from local authorities in some jurisdictions. All relevant laws and regulations must also be followed when using drone detection technology.

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