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Drone Detection and Drone Tracking

Drone Detection and Drone Tracking | Skyfend Defender Anti-drone Radar

Drone tracking refers to the real-time monitoring and positioning of uavs or drones. With the misuse and potential surveillance role of aerial drones, the need for effective drone tracking systems continues to grow.

How to conduct effective drone tracking?

Drone tracking and direction finding (DF) technology is critical for tracking drones and can help determine the direction and location from which a signal is sent. The technology is particularly valuable when locating and tracking drones based on radio frequency (RF) transmissions, which are critical for communication between the drone and its operator.

Different radar and direction finding sensors utilize "phase comparison" technology. The DF sensor consists of an antenna array working in parallel with a 360° cover. Direction finding systems calculate the direction of arrival of a signal source based on phase (time) difference techniques. The system accurately estimates the direction vector of the detected signal based on the difference in signal strength measured by different antennas in the array.

Skyfend Defender's drone tracking solution is a drone radar system that is adapted to provide close surveillance under a variety of complex environmental conditions. The Skyfend Defender anti-drone radar utilizes advanced environment awareness and target recognition algorithms to provide rapid target detection and deployment capabilities.

The Skyfend Defender anti-drone radar can accurately identify small unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAVs) and other flying objects. The integration of clutter suppression technology and micro-Doppler technology improves identification accuracy. It is a compact and cost-effective K-band FMCW radar.

Skyfend Defender can be used alone or in four combinations to provide 360° coverage of drone detection and tracking. It is currently the industry's smallest active phased array radar capable of detecting 1 km level micro-drones.

The ability to accurately determine the location of drones is crucial to any anti-drone solution, and Skyfend Defender has superior environment-aware AI recognition capabilities to provide timely early warning of drone dangers in the air.

Skyfend Defender Anti-drone Radar
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