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Long Distance Drones Jammer

Long Distance Drones Jammer - Take Down Drones

It’s so annoying and scary when drones are used for nefarious purposes. What do I do to shoot down this nasty drone?

A large number of various drones are flying in the sky. Although relevant laws and regulations are constantly improving the restrictions and restrictions on drones, the number of drones growing every year is still amazing!

Most drone users fly for hobby, a small number of professional drones are used for drone commercialization and police drones, and a small number of drones are uncontrolled and may pose a threat anytime and anywhere.

illegal drone

The best way to stop drones from approaching is to use radio-controlled frequency jamming technology to safely stop drones in the sky before they pose a threat to military or civilian security.

Radio jamming equipment interferes with drone signals and blocks the connection between the drone and the remote control. After the drone loses the controller's command, it is likely to land or return on the spot, thereby achieving the effect of shooting down the drone.

Skyfend Technologies launches leading drone jammers, Skyfend Hunter and Skyfend Blader. The two drone jammers can interfere with drones in multiple frequency bands and prevent any illegal drones from approaching.

The interference range of the Skyfend Hunter drone jammer is 3km, and the interference range of the Skyfend Blader drone jammer is 1.5KM. The drone jammer not only interferes with the image transmission signal of the drone, but also interferes with the GPS signal of the drone.

Detection and Jamming AFA100

Although you may be upset by the buzz of your neighbor's drone, it is illegal to use a drone jammer to attack a drone. In the United States, private use of jammers by residents can result in large fines, confiscation of illegal equipment, and criminal sanctions including jail time.

Radio interference equipment is the best tool to prevent potential dangers from drones. However, due to the strong interference of radio waves, it is likely to paralyze other surrounding wireless communication equipment and cause greater problems. If an accident occurs and the signal is interrupted, lives may be will be threatened.

Meanwhile, some states, such as California, are proposing legislation that would allow firefighters and authorities to shoot down drones if they interfere with emergencies like wildfires. Blocking airport approach paths, hovering over fire fields, and flying over highways could all be considered situations in which these drones could be shot down.

The impact of drones on society is growing day by day. The use of drones for normal recreational activities or commercial flights is feasible within the scope of the law. To stop illegal drone flights, let Skyfend Drone Jammer help you.

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