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 Drone Being Disturbed

How To Prevent My Drone From Being Disturbed During Flight?

Driving drone is an interesting and fulfilling thing. Keep your drone healthy and safe, don't let your drone be in danger! Driven flying is likely to be disturbed, please drive with caution!

How to correctly and safely drive drones?

Always maintain a distance

Do not exceed 50m from the drone to human.

This includes personnel in buildings and transportation, including cars, trucks, trains, and ships.

Your drone or modeling must maintain a horizontal distance of at least 50m. This will create a prohibited area around people, which has always reached a statutory height limit.

Even if the flight height exceeds 50m, it is not allowed to drive the drone to fly over the crowd of drones in the forbidden area.

If you are a group of drone enthusiasts gathered together, or people who know each other flying the drone together, you also need to increase the same distance in the horizontal direction to ensure your flight safety.

maintain a distance from drone

Please follow the following general rules:

If the flight height exceeds 50m, the horizontal direction should be kept the same distance. For example, if the flight height is 80m, keep 80m distance.

If bad weather conditions mean that people may face greater risks, please fly further away from them. For example, if the wind is strong, you should fly further away from people.

If you fly at high speed, please fly further so that you can give yourself more reaction time.

Laws of drone flying safely

In the United States, drones can fly to 400 feet or pagodas at the ground without restrictions.

It is illegal to glimpse in private areas or harass others or make drones over the crowd or traffic.

In some important places, such as near the airport, government departments are in office, and the driver cannot legally drive drones without notifications or authorization. Once the limited airspace is flying, the risk of drones is shot down, which is usually due to the existence of the drone jammer.

Forbidden Area of drone

About Forbidden Area

Generally, the drone flight application APP, such as DJI and AUTEL, will prompt that you can take off in the forbidden area, and drones cannot take off without authorization.

In addition, you can also see which locations are limited in FAA's B4UFLY mobile phone application and which locations are unlimited to take off freely.

What should I do when my drone is disturbed?

When we fly inadvertently, the drone driver will receive a warning away from the area or may be directly shot down the drone.

The drone jammer can achieve the purpose of interference drone by preventing the drone remote control signal, the transmission signal, and the GPS signal. The drone signal may land or return to the place after being interfered. Essence

When the drone is thrown, find your drone as soon as possible, your drone will face the risk of shot down or confiscated by invading the property of others. Therefore, try not to let your drone adventure.

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