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Radio Jamming Illegal Drones

Is Radio Jamming Useful Against Illegal Drones?

Can drones use radio waves? In fact, drones use radio waves to connect drones and remote controllers to communicate, and radio waves also play a positive role in the precise navigation and obstacle avoidance of drones.

If you want to block illegal drone surveillance of you, then jamming the drone's radio frequency is a good way to do it.

Correctly conducting radio interference against illegal drones requires determining the radio frequency of the drone and using a drone jammer to tune to the correct jamming band. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

Advanced drones may have multiple frequency bands for drone communication and image transmission, and quickly jump to the next frequency band after being interfered with. What should I do to deal with frequency hopping drones?

Drones use radio for image transmission and communication. Common drone frequency bands are 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz. Skyfend Technology Company has launched new drone jammers Skyfend Hunter and Skyfend Blader. Both jammers can jam drone signals in the full frequency band.

The full-band drone jammer can fully deal with frequency-hopping drones, and will quickly respond and adjust to the corresponding frequency band of the drone to carry out interference in the range of 1.5KM/3KM.

Skyfend drone Jammer

Skyfend Blader | Anti drone jammer

    • Jamming Range up to 1,500m
    • Jmming Frequency:868MHz / 915MHz / 1.2GHz / 1.4GHz / 1.6GHz / 2.4GHz / 4.95GHz / 5.2GHz / 5.35GHz / 5.6GHz / 5.8GHz
    • Jamming Time:30 min
    • Support User Logs
    • IP65
    • Efficient Jamming
    • Consociate Spoofing
    • Low SWaP-C
View Skyfend Blader

Once the signal of an illegal drone is blocked by a drone jammer, the image transmission will be lost, and the signal connected to the remote control will also be lost. The drone may return or land on the ground, thus avoiding the drone threat.

It is worth noting that private purchase of drone jammers is not allowed. If you find an illegal surveillance drone on your private property, please report it to the relevant authorities for help!

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