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drone jammer blocking

Is A Drone Jammer Blocking My Drone Radio Transmission and Reception?

When a drone is operating fine and suddenly loses signal? You may be experiencing drone interference. What's this? We will explain in detail.

Will a drone jammer block my drone signal?

Yes, drone jammers can prevent your drone from transmitting and receiving signals. Drone jammers are designed to disrupt radio frequency (RF) communications between a drone and its remote controller by emitting high-power radio signals on the same frequency bands used by the drone.

Drone jammers can also interfere with the GPS signals that drones rely on for navigation and positioning, causing them to veer off course or become disoriented.

Drone jammer blocks radio transmission and reception

Can anti-jamming drones resist drone jammers?

Most drones use the following frequencies: 27 MHz, 72 MHz, 433 MHz, 900 MHz, 1.3 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8Ghz.

Drone anti-interference technology refers to the "frequency hopping" function of the drone. The software running on the anti-interference drone constantly searches for the best frequency to use. If interference is detected, it will automatically switch to another available channel. It is executed multiple times per second, so the drone's immunity to interference is enhanced, but it does not mean it is absolutely immune to interference.

Drone frequency jammers work by overwhelming the drone’s communications equipment with stronger signals on these frequencies, thereby drowning out legitimate signals. More powerful drone jammers will follow the drone's frequency hopping technology to achieve frequency modulation of the interference frequency, thereby blocking the anti-jamming drone.

How do I fly my drone away from drone jammers?

Once the drone enters the interference range of the drone jammer, it will be difficult for you to escape, and the drone will most likely return or crash.

In many countries, private ownership of drone jammers is illegal. Drone jammers are usually placed in airports, prisons, government departments, stadiums in large-scale event areas and other places. Drone manufacturers often build geofences into drones to reduce the risk of drone intrusion.

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