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Drone Guns and RF Drone Jammers for Sale

Drone Guns and RF Drone Jammers for Sale

In recent years, drones and various quadcopters have become popular, and drone photography has gradually become commercialized from a hobby. At the same time, high-definition aerial views have also become a device used by some illegal elements to obtain important information. With the rampant use of spy drones and unauthorized drones, preventing such drones has become an important goal.

In order to capture drones, the police and the military have conducted different procedures and experiments, using various devices to expel drones or capture drones, such as using eagles and lasers, RF radio frequency interference, etc., while preventing drones The best means is to use a radio frequency jammer.

Drone jammers operate on the same frequency that aircraft transmit data. Under normal circumstances, the drone jammer is to cut off the drone communication signal and image transmission signal, causing the drone to lose connection. At this time, the drone will return or land on the spot. However, there are also some drone jammers that can directly take over the drone signal and execute new commands for the drone.

Our list of drone jammers

Skyfend Blader | Anti drone jammer

Skyfend Hunter AFA100 Detection and Jamming in One Anti-drone Jammer

These two drones are full-band drone jammers with strong interference power. They can interfere with any model or brand of drones and prevent drones from approaching. They can be used in airports, prisons, military bases, and public security agencies and other departments.

It should be noted that the stronger the power of the drone jammer, the stronger the interference to devices that use radio communication in the surrounding environment. Therefore, when using drone jammers, you must comply with corresponding laws and regulations.

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