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Drone and drone data safety

Can Anti-drone Guns Shoot Down Drones and Obtain Intelligence From Them?

Anti-drone guns are the biggest threat to drone flight safety. As a drone pilot, you have almost no way of knowing where there are anti-drone guns and drone jammers affecting your flight.

Drone jammers such as anti-drone guns usually use radio signals to interfere with drones and shoot them down. The radio signals of these devices are specifically used to shield and block the communication between the drone and the remote controller. signal, thereby interfering with the drone.

Anti-drone Guns Shoot Down Drones

Drones with cameras are one of the essential tools for landscape photographers, but they are also used by criminals for surveillance purposes. So, when the drone is blocked, can the image data captured by the drone be read?

The camera drone has the ability to take photos and videos. When storing photos and videos, they can be stored on the drone cloud, the drone's built-in memory and the drone's expansion SD card. Once the drone is shot down, It is very possible that the drone image data has been stolen.

The image data stored in the drone cloud and the drone's built-in memory usually need to be paired with the original drone remote control and app account to download or export the image data, while the data on the drone's extended SD card It is easy to obtain, just configure the card reader and connect it to the computer display.

Most drone jammers immediately disconnect the drone from its satellite and control station and then order the drone to return instead of landing. Drone return means that despite losing connection with the drone, it is possible for it to return to the point of departure and you can still find your drone property.

For drone pilots, try not to fly in some sensitive areas to avoid interference from anti-drone equipment. What's more, you may lose your drone equipment and face lawsuits. The images taken by your drone Data will be the greatest evidence of accusation.

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