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Can Traditional Radar Monitor and Track Drones?

Traditional Radar Systems Radar technology relies on the transmission and reception of radio waves to detect and track objects in the surrounding airspace. Radar systems are traditionally designed to detect larger objects such as aircraft, but appear to have become insensitive for radar monitoring and tracking drones.

Challenges in traditional radar tracking of drones

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1. Size and reflectivity

Drones are typically smaller and have lower radar cross sections than manned aircraft, making it more challenging to accurately detect and track them using traditional radar systems.

2. Flight altitude and speed

Remotely controlled drones can fly at various altitudes and speeds, including at low altitudes, where they may be closer to the radar horizon or terrain clutter, which may reduce radar detection range and accuracy.

3. Radar characteristics

A drone's radar characteristics, including its shape, materials and radar-absorbent coatings, affect its visibility on radar. Some drones are designed to minimize radar cross-section, which also confuses the characteristics of drones with birds to a certain extent, making them harder to detect.

4. Clutter and interference

Radar systems can face challenges from ground clutter, weather conditions and interference from other electromagnetic sources. These factors impact the ability to effectively detect and track drones.

How can modern radar solutions keep your airspace safe?

奥特尔skyfend par100

To eliminate airborne drone threats, specific modifications and enhancements can be made to traditional radar systems to improve their ability to detect and track drones.

Skyfend PAR100 is a drone detection radar that identifies and tracks small fast-moving objects. It has advanced signal processing algorithms, low-power Doppler radar technology, deep learning and artificial intelligence technology to detect different types of drones and provide unmanned early warning of incoming threats.

Detection and Jamming AFA100

It is important to note that radar systems are only one component of a comprehensive drone detection and tracking system. Drone radio frequency jammer blockers can further protect site security and prevent drones from approaching. They are often used in military, public security, fortress defense, prison management and other fields.

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