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Drone Cameras: A Beginner's Guide

The most common consumer drone tends to be a quadcopter drone with a gimbal camera that can capture high-definition images and experience the joy of flying. High-quality camera drones are suitable for most drone flying hobby groups, and drones novice can easily control smart drones.

Interested in drones with cameras? Today we will first learn about the following drone cameras.

What Is A Drone Camera?

Autel EVO Nano Drones Camera

First of all, UAVs were originally used for reconnaissance as a military force. UAVs are concealed and can be remotely controlled, making them important armed equipment. In today's increasingly mature civilian drone technology, camera drones have become more and more familiar, and most people tend to buy Autel Drones.

Camera drones are mainly equipped with a digital camera on the gimbal. The gimbal supports stable shooting when the camera is in motion, and is widely used in commercial photography and personal photography. Most drone cameras are built-in, and some drone cameras are detachable.

What Types Of Cameras Are Used In Drones?

Low-cost drone cameras typically employ low-resolution camera lenses at 720p or lower to stream video to the FPV screen of a smartphone or tablet used with the controller so the pilot can compose the shot.

Most consumer drones have a 2K, 4K, or better camera that can record higher-definition photos or videos on the drone's SD card.

More expensive drones come with more advanced camera lenses, with large sensors, interchangeable lenses for wide-angle, zoom or telephoto, large optics for focusing, and adjustable apertures for film or commercial use.

In addition, multispectral sensors and thermal sensors can be added to commercial drone camera lenses, which provide higher value and broader applications for agricultural, mining or other types of surveys and inspections.

Autel Drone Cameras

How Do Drone Cameras Work?

Understanding how drone cameras work requires knowing the basics about drones. To fly the drone smoothly, you must master the use of the drone remote control. Most toy drones use Wi-Fi signals, and most advanced drones use radio frequencies. Drone controllers enable drone communication via Wi-Fi signals or radio frequencies.

The drone controller can issue commands to control what the camera does, so that the camera is pointed vertically downward, and the lens can be panned by increasing the altitude or by rotating the device.

Main Uses Of Drone Cameras

Aerial view looking down

Autel Drones Shoot

One of the most classic moves of a drone camera is to look down at the subject from above. Such a perspective is often shocking for landscape shooting and film shooting.

Shooting at multiple heights

Autel Drones Camera

Drones can hover and fly in the air. The maximum take-off altitude of the Autel Nano Plus drone is 4,000 meters, and it supports lift-off up to 800 meters. In film shooting, the drone camera is often moved to different high and low points to establish up and down panning shots and left and right panning shots.

Orbit shooting

Autel Drones Camera Shooting

Orbital shooting of the drone camera is also called dynamic tracking. The drone camera tracks and captures the behavior of the subject, and the subject is always fixed in the picture without much drone driving.

movie footage

High-quality camera drones often create movie-like lens effects in drone apps. Autel EVO Nano series has Fade Away, Flick, Orbit, Rocket and other modes, and drones can achieve cool and dynamic effects movie footage.

Autel EVO Nano Plus Movie Footage

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