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EVO II V3 Drones

What You Need To Know About Version 3 Aircraft

Autel EVO II V3 has arrived.

As an intelligent electronic device, Drone is always undergoing continuous upgrading of technology. The latest version of EVO II V3 drone has been released. I would like to know the changes of the new version of the quadcopter drone and whether it is available for purchase. Check out this article to learn more.

1. Will v2 and v3 be compatible with each other?

No; the v2 remote will not be able to communicate with the v3 aircraft and vice versa. The v3 aircraft will be equipped with a new only remote control SE.

2. Is the battery still cross-compatible?

Yes. Batteries will remain cross-compatible.

3. Will my Live Deck 2 be compatible with v2 aircraft?

Can't. The EVO II v2 chipset is not compatible with Live Deck 2.

4. Will v1 and v2 use different applications?

Won't. Both versions of the EVO II will still use the Autel Explorer app.

5. How do I know which version my EVO II aircraft is?

Check the top of the aircraft shell. If you have a v3, it will be marked "V3" between the top obstacle avoidance sensors. If you have a v2, it will be marked "V2" between the top obstacle avoidance sensors. If you have v1, there will be no tags.

6. Is my EVO II v3 compatible with the Autel Smart Controller?

There will also be two different versions of the Autel smart controller due to a global shortage of chips. The same logic applies: v2 smart controllers will only be compatible with v2 EVO II aircraft, and v3 smart controllers will only be compatible with v3 EVO II aircraft.

7. Will this change affect my warranty status or my ability to have Autel Robotics service my drone?

Won't. All versions of the EVO II still carry the same one-year manufacturer's warranty. We will also continue to service both versions of the EVO II series.

8. Will v2 be discontinued?

Yes. Due to irreversible chip shortages, production will no longer be available after all EVO II V2 drones have been sold.

9. Can I trade my v2 aircraft for a v3 drone?

Do not. Autel Robotics does not offer trade-in services for quadcopter drones. Currently, Autel Drones is available for purchase as a free-to-fly service, which provides drone replacement.

10. Which EVO II V3 drones are currently on sale?

In the second half of 2022, Autel Robotics released a total of 6 new EVO II V3 drones. The EVO II Pro V3 is currently available in the Autelpilot store with an initial price of $2,495.

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