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Autel EVO II Pro V3

New Release | EVO II Pro V3 Comprehensive Introduction

Since Autel Robotics announced the EVO II V3 drones at IFA 2022, the speculation and response about the V3 drones has a huge impact. When will the Autel drones EVO II v3 version be launched? Where can I buy an EVO II V3 drone?

The good news is that the EVO II Pro V3 is currently on sale at Autelpilot, and the starting price of the new product is only $2,495. You can snap it up as soon as possible!

Let's start a comprehensive introduction to EVO II Pro V3!

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro (6K) v3 package list

The Autel EVO II V3 is the third generation of the EVO II Pro drone. Before that, Autel Robotics has developed EVO II V1 and EVO II V2. Due to the different built-in chips, the V1 drone cannot communicate with the v2 remote control. Similarly, the EVO II Pro v3 and EVO II Pro V2 remote controllers cannot communicate with each other.

EVO II Pro V3 | Camera Parameters

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro V3 Moonlight algorithm

Autel Robotics' EVO II Pro V3 drone uses a large 1-inch sensor, f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture, captures 20MP photos and 6k/30fps HD video, supports 4k HDR shooting, and up to 12-bit A-log DNG The photo format, with vibrant colors, provides the best shot for aerial photographers.

EVO II Pro V3 has enhanced the effect of night scene shooting in this upgrade, and the super-sensitive algorithm has become clearly visible. When shooting at night, the ISO range will be increased to 44000. For professional photographers, if the ISO range is increased, the picture will appear Oversharpening. The large sensor camera lens and adjustable aperture of EVO II Pro V3 give a wider ISO range of adjustment. Reasonable application of ISO adjustment will make the picture exposure natural and have a strong visual impact.

The EVO II series has interchangeable camera lenses, that is, the camera lenses of the EVO II Pro and EVO II Dual are interchangeable. However, it should be noted that the interchangeability of the gimbal camera only exists in the same version, and the camera lenses of the EVO II Pro v2 and EVO II Pro v3 are not interchangeable.

EVO II Pro V3 | Flight performance

autel robotics evo ii pro 40 mins flight time

Autel EVO II Pro V3 currently supports level 8 wind resistance, with a maximum take-off altitude of 7,000 meters, a maximum speed of 20m/s, a maximum flight distance of 25km, and a maximum battery life of 40 minutes. Compared with the Autel EVO II Pro V2, there is not much extension in flight performance, but among consumer drones, this is already the forerunner of many drones.

The 40-minute flight capability of the Autel EVO II Pro V3 is one of the leading consumer drones among long-range drones, and has won the hearts of many drone players.

EVO II Pro V3 | Image transmission performance

autel smart controller se features

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In this release, the EVO II series is equipped with a new smart remote control. The Autel smart remote control SE has a built-in 6.4-inch OLED screen, adopts Skylink2.0 transmission technology, supports 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, and 900Mhz transmission in three frequency bands, and the image transmission distance can be up to 15km. The release of the Autel Smart Remote Control SE is a major technological revolution in the long-distance image transmission of consumer drones.

Compared with the previous generation Autel EVO II remote control, the increased screen size, the newly added 900MHz frequency band, and the enhanced image transmission distance bring a new experience to the EVO II pro V3 drone pilot.

EVO II Pro V3 | Advanced Features

In addition, EVO II Pro V3 continues EVO II Pro V2's 360° obstacle avoidance, intelligent tracking, up to 64 types of tracking objects, GPS return, no geo-fencing restrictions, and more.

Note: Due to the current misuse of drones and stricter regulation of commercial drones, Autel Drones has now introduced a no-fly zone - updated December 2023.

In general, the upgrade changes of EVO II Pro V3 are not too many, and drone players need to buy according to their actual needs. The new EVO II Pro V3 is priced at $2495, and the EVO II Pro V2 can be purchased for only $1999. Who do you prefer?

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