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Autel Smart Controller SE

Autel Smart Controller SE Comprehensive Overview

Autel Robotics fully recommends the R&D and production of smart drones, and announces new drones and supporting products at IFA 2022. Autel Smart Controller SE is a smart remote controller that supports Autel EVO II series. We will fully talk about Autel Smart Controller SE.

Autel Smart Controller SE

Fly your drone up to 9.32 miles away with the EVO II V3 Drone Smart Controller SE from Autel Robotics. Using dual tri-band antennas, you can view the drone's telemetry and live feeds in excellent HD resolution on the remote's integrated 6.4" OLED, or QHD if you're within 0.62 miles. The display is also 10 Multi-touch allows you to easily adjust. Smart Controller SE has built-in anti-jamming system to keep video signal clear and stable, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11c) allows you to download apps to the remote's Android system to enhance its Function.

Autel Smart Controller SE


Autel Smart Controller SE is currently only available in black, with a body weight of 617g and a built-in screen size of 6.7 inches. The joystick can be detached and placed on the back of the remote control.

Transmission Distance

Long-distance transmission, which is one of the most prominent features of Autel Smart Controller SE, Autel Smart Controller SE uses the latest Autel Skylink 2.0 technology to connect drones and remote controllers, extending the transmission distance, which can be enhanced to 15km, go to explore more Unknown world.


Autel Smart Controller SE is Autel's new generation remote controller, which is larger than EVO II RC and smaller than Autel Smart Controller. It is lightweight and portable, weighing only 617g, which is lighter than the Autel EVO II drone.

Screen Display

The built-in display of Autel Smart Controller SE supports 2k images, with a resolution of 2340 x 1080. The screen is made of OLED material, 6.4 inches in size, and the brightness can reach 800 nits. The touch display is sensitive and fast, and you can drive your drone more fully .

Video Output

You can use the built-in HDMI port or an optional 3rd party application to output video from the remote for others to watch. The HDMI port of the drone remote control can support computers, projectors and other devices for more groups.

Storage 128GB

The remote includes 128GB of built-in app and file storage, expandable with an optional memory card via the microSD port. The Autel Smart Controller SE can save large volumes of photos and videos.

Removable Battery

The battery assembly of the Autel Smart Controller SE is very simple and can be easily removed. Easier to charge. Each battery charge takes about 90 minutes.

Additional Features

wifi 5.0 support

Autel Smart Controller SE supports third-party software download and customization of third-party software, which is undoubtedly better for groups with professional needs. The wifi 5.0 protocol allows you to download software more quickly.

Up to 4 hours of battery life

The battery capacity of the Autel Smart Controller SE reaches 1900 mAh and can be used for 2 hours at maximum brightness and 4 hours at 50% brightness.

Qualcomm 8-core Processor

Smart Controller SE adopts Qualcomm 8-core 14nm process processor, which has stronger computing power and lower power consumption. It is capable of decoding 4K video and processing audio with high fidelity.

IP43 Weather Resistance

The Autel Smart Controller SE has an IP43 dust and light rain protection rating. For flying drones in the wild, the IP43 protection level of high-precision instruments is a must.


At present, Autel Smart Controller SE has built-in Autel Explorer App, which is only applicable to EVO II series drones. EVO II V2 drones cannot use Autel Smart Controller SE of EVO II V3. In the future, Autel Sky APP will be applied through firmware update to support EVO Nano series and the EVO Lite series.

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