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SD Cards for Drones Autel EVO II

SD Card For Autel Drones: Everything You Need to Know

SD card is one of the must-have accessories for most camera drones. The high-resolution photo and video storage of camera drones is destined to be a necessity of large storage space. And in camera drones, most drones usually don't come with built-in storage.

Is SD Card Important For Drones?

As technology advances in quadcopter drones, the higher the resolution the camera drone records, the larger the SD card you will need. At present, most camera drones use 4k video resolution and above, and the space occupied by shooting a photo is more than 2MB, and the space occupied by shooting a 10s video is more than 10MB. So when your drone doesn't come with built-in storage, you should get an SD card to back up everything.

Does The Autel Drone Have On-board Memory?

Autel drones are the leaders in the drone market. The EVO Nano series is the representative of the 249g mini camera drone without built-in storage for the drone. The EVO Lite series is the representative of aerial photography drones, and the body supports 6GB of built-in storage. The EVO II series is the representative of high-end camera drones, and the body supports 8GB of built-in storage.

The EVO Nano series does not have built-in storage on the drone body, so the photos and videos captured will be stored in the cloud, neither on the drone nor on the phone. Drone users need to manually download cloud photos and videos to their mobile phones for viewing and editing.

What Kind Of SD Card Does A Drone Use?

For most camera drones, I recommend at least a class 10 micro SD card for your drone. Usually, the drone manufacturer also recommends a specific SD card for your drone. We're giving away a 64GB SanDisk memory card for the Autel Drone EVO Nano+.

How Much 4K Drone Video Can 64GB Hold?

In Autel's line of consumer drones, the EVO Nano series does not have built-in storage. Therefore, the Autelpilot store is giving away an additional 64GB SanDisk memory card. The EVO Nano supports shooting up to 4k/30fps HD video, for your camera drone, a 64GB card will have enough room to play about 1 hour 20 minutes in 4K. If you shoot 1080p 60fps, a 64GB card will have enough room for 5+ hours of recording.

How Long Can A MicroSD Card Last?

SD cards are designed to last 10 years or more. For drone users who shoot in burst mode or capture video in Ultra HD movie quality, professional photographers should have plenty of high-quality backup SD cards on hand.

How Do I Upgrade The Drone Firmware Using An SD Card?

Autel drones respond to the needs of drone users and pursue continuous innovation and development of technology, and we always prepare to upgrade our drone firmware version from time to time. UAV users can use the SD card to upgrade the UAV firmware version.
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Do I Need To Format My Drone Micro Memory Card Every Time I Upgrade My Drone?

Drone users don't need to format your memory card every time you upgrade the drone's firmware. Formatting a memory card means erasing everything on your SD card, which is not friendly. Only after installing the SD, when the drone pop-up window prompts that the memory card is unavailable or the SD card is wrong, the drone user can take the format operation to verify the availability of the SD card again. Before formatting, make sure to back up the relevant data on your memory card.

How Do I Choose a Drone Micro Memory Card?

Size – The size of the SD card’s storage space is critical. The built-in storage of camera drones can often easily overfill, and drone users need more space. For professional drone photographers, there is also the possibility of using multiple memory cards.

Price – The value of a drone memory card depends on the brand, size, speed and functionality of the memory card, balancing your drone memory card budget and the value you get from it.

Read Speed ​​and Write Speed ​​- Write speed is the speed at which the SD card records material. On the other hand, read speed is the speed at which an SD card can transfer data to another device. When choosing a speed, it all depends on the resolution you're shooting at. Standard write speeds are 30MB/s, but you can get faster cards.

Reliability – A sane SD card should not lose data very often. While they don't provide 100% reliability, it's worthwhile to back up your data from time to time.

Possible Consequences Of Irregular Drone Memory Cards

    • Seriously affect the operation and manipulation of drone applications
    • The SD card is not compatible with the aircraft and is completely damaged
    • Always show an error message on the phone
    • Unable to successfully save shooting
    • Unable to view shooting content
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