What MicroSD Card Can I Use With My EVO / EVO II Drone? and Where is the Card Port?

Where is the micro SD card in my EVO / EVO II?

The Micro SD card is located behind a flap on the right side of the EVO and on the left side of the EVO II (on the right side of the EVO II there is a USB-C port).

Autel evo drone sd-card position

Mico SD-card is located on the left side of the EVO II and right side of the EVO

To access the micro SD card, hold your drone facing away from you and fold out the arms on the appropriate side of the drone, then use your finger or a coin to open the flap beneath the vent. Lightly press against the micro SD card to eject it (you'll hear a small click) and then remove it from the slot.

To replace your micro SD card insert it back in the slot and press gently until it clicks into place, then close the flap.

What Micro SD Cards can I use with my EVO / EVO II?

The EVO and EVO II both use MicroSD Cards. The EVO supports MicroSD Cards with capacity up to 128 GB and the EVO II up to 256GB. We recommend the following minimum card speeds:

  • 1080p HD or lower video: UHS-I U1 or V10 card
  • 4k video: UHS-I U3 or V30
  • 6k/8k video: V60 or V90