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How do I update my EVO 2  Series Firmware?

How do I update my EVO 2 Series Firmware?

In this video we will explain how to upgrade the firmware on the Autel EVO II and manually using the included SD card.

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1. Download the firmware package manually through the official website

  • Download the firmware upgrade package from Autel robotics official website
  • Insert the SD card into your computer and extract the downloaded file intoyour SD card. Then remove your SD card from the computer.
  • Turn on the remote control and aircraft.
  • Insert the SD card into the aircraft to start the upgrade process automatically.You can check the real-time update status on the Flight Information Panel.
  • Reboot the remote control and aircraft before after connecting it to the aircraft.
  • 2. Update the firmware through the Autel Explorer application

    Downloading & upgrading the firmware Download the all-in-one. After downloading the firmware package, you candisconnect the network to upgrade.

    What are the factors that can cause the upgrade to fail?

    A. If the device is turned off during the upgrade process, the upgrade will fail.

    B. If the network is interrupted while downloading the firmware package, the upgrade will fail.

    C. Only when the remaining battery power of the device is ≥ 50% can the upgrade be performed.


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