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Features and Functions of Autel Robotics EVO NEST!

Features and Functions of Autel Robotics EVO NEST!

EVO NEST is the first small uav drones nest launched by Autel Robotics. Based on advanced automatic control algorithms, it can realize automatic take-off, autonomous inspection, automatic charging and precise landing of drones.

*Notes: Autel NEST 1.0 is applicable to Autel EVO II V2 series, and Autel NEST 2.0 is applicable to Autel EVO II V3 series. Autel NEST 1.0 is discontinued now, Autel NEST is Autel NEST 2.0.

EVO NEST integrates a roller protective cover, a special glass fiber charging board and an industrial temperature-controlled air conditioner to easily cope with various complex outdoor environments and climates.

EVO NEST adopts the concept of lightweight functional module integration, which is convenient for transportation and deployment. With exclusive remote control software, operators can issue task instructions without leaving home, liberate labor, reduce costs, and empower multi-industry applications of drones.

System Overview


The EVO NEST automatic flight system consists of EVO NEST nests, drones, cloud-based services and a command center. The command center can remotely send operation tasks to the nests and drones anytime, anywhere, and the nests and drones on the job site Real-time return of on-site images, and finally realize "distributed uav drones operation".

The system is compatible with all uav drones hardware platforms of Autel EVO II series; the nest ensures the safety and stability of uav drones charging; the software side provides a standard application programming interface, which is scalable and seamlessly integrated.

Autel Drones in EVO NEST

Autonomous work

The machine nest is deployed in the operation patrol area, and the drone automatically takes off, lands precisely, recovers and parks, and charges.

Global level control

Autel EVO NEST Functions

Set the track, waypoint, angle, target, time, frequency, and send tasks through the 5G/4G network without geographical restrictions.

Real-time identification and tracking

Utilizing the back-end real-time recognition technology, it can customize target recognition, quickly detect targets and track and shoot, and diagnose abnormalities in time.

Custom development

Autel EVO NEST Features

Open and standardized API interface, deeply combined with specific industry needs for secondary development.

Grid deployment

Multiple machine nests can be placed to realize parallel operations and relay tasks of multiple drones, covering the entire jurisdiction.

Information management

The flight data of drones, nests, and payloads are stored in the cloud for later query and call by users.

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