Autel SkyCommand Center And EVO Nest

Autel SkyCommand Center And EVO Nest Jointly Solve Five Industry Pain Points

The application of drones in emergency firefighting, smart transportation, sea, land and air inspections and other fields has been widely recognized. In inspection tasks, drones have multiple advantages such as fast response, wide monitoring range, and low labor costs, and have become the best tool for efficient operations.

So, what if the drone is given a comfortable "home" and a smart "brain"? Undoubtedly, the multiple advantages of drones will be focused and magnified, and the quality and efficiency of cluster operations will be greatly improved.

Autel SkyCommand Center And EVO Nest

Autel Drones Home

Autel's small nest EVO NEST is the home of drones. It is small in size and light in weight, and can be quickly moved and deployed in actual combat operations, which is very convenient. As the "home" of the drone, it also has many advantages - anti-theft, waterproof, dustproof, rainstorm resistance, strong light resistance, corrosion resistance, and the fully enclosed design can ensure the high safety of the drone outdoors.

Importantly, EVO NEST can also charge the drone, and it only takes 45 minutes from 10% power to full power, which fully meets the possibility of all-weather high-frequency operations.EVO NEST

Autel Drones Brain

Autel SkyCommand Center - drone integrated management and control platform is the "brain" of the drone, which can help the rear personnel to control the drone to deploy tasks flexibly, and also has a powerful "memory" function.

The Autel SkyCommand Center can be used on computers and mobile devices, and supports up to 32 drone live broadcasts at the same time. The screen delay is as low as 200ms. It can directly control drones remotely and meet the needs of all-round remote monitoring scenarios.

Autel SkyCommand Center

Autel SkyCommand Center Collaborates With EVO NEST To Empower Industry Production

Both the Autel mini-machine nest EVO NEST and the Autel SkyCommand Center are suitable for the full range of EVO drones, including: EVO II series, EVO II RTK series, and EVO II Enterprise series.

The intelligent inspection solution composed of Autel SkyCommand Center, Autel small machine nest EVO NEST and different series of drones can flexibly solve the difficulties and pain points in the inspection process of electric power inspection, traffic patrol and other industries.

#01 Power Inspection by Autel EVO II Pro RTK


Industry Pain Points: The power industry has a large operating area and requires a large number of experienced pilots to work on site. The quality of manual inspection largely depends on the pilot's control level, which can easily lead to inconsistent report quality.

Solution: Autel SkyCommand Center+EVO NEST+EVO II RTK series

Business Process:

The first step is to plan the drone inspection mission.

The second step is to deploy EVO NEST in a linear fashion.

The third step is to log in to the Autel SkyCommand Center, and send the route to the drone remotely through EVO NEST, and the drone can automatically complete tasks such as inspection, photography, and video recording at regular intervals.

The fourth step is to download the inspection data in the Autel SkyCommand Center, and classify and output the line defect report.

Program Value: Power transmission line inspections can be carried out independently without professional pilots, and the degree of refinement is at least three times higher than manual inspections. The output of inspection materials in different periods is consistent, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of later data analysis and defect diagnosis.

#02 Traffic Inspection

Autel Drones with Traffic Inspection

Industry pain points: Traffic accidents often lead to large-scale congestion, and front-line police officers cannot arrive in time to evacuate traffic. In addition, when a hazardous chemical accident occurs, the risk factor of investigation is large.

Solution: Autel SkyCommand Center+EVO NEST+EVO II Pro Enterprise equipped with megaphone

Business Process:

The first step is to deploy EVO NEST flexibly according to the needs of daily traffic patrol and law enforcement.

In the second step, the Autel SkyCommand Center sends the task to the nest, and directs the drone to complete the normalized autonomous inspection.

In the third step, after the traffic police monitoring center receives the report call and obtains the location point, it sends the location point to the nest closest to the Anfa store through the Autel SkyCommand Center to generate a quick task.

In the fourth step, the drone quickly arrived at the accident scene to take photos and collect evidence, and called for evacuation of traffic.

In the fifth step, the monitoring center remotely obtains relevant data and processes it, and sends it to the on-site police officers to assist in quickly determining responsibility.

Program value:

It effectively solves the problem of the large gap in the number of professional pilot traffic policemen, and increases the frequency of daily patrol operations; realizes rapid attendance in case of emergencies, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents.

#03 Forest Fire

Forest Fire by Autel EVO II Dual RTK

Industry pain points: traditional forest patrols are expensive, heavy, and slow to respond; forest fires are ever-changing, requiring the assistance of global fire situation information to precisely schedule the entry or evacuation of firepower.

Solution: Autel SkyCommand Center+EVO NEST+EVO II Dual 640T RTK equipped with megaphone

Business Process:

The first step is to deploy EVO NEST and issue normalized automatic inspection tasks for drones.

In the second step, when a fire occurs, the AI ​​of the Autel SkyCommand Center intelligently recognizes the smoke and indicates the fire situation, and pushes it to the fire management department after confirming the location; at the same time, it can persuade personnel to evacuate through the megaphone;

In the third step, firefighters arrive at the scene to investigate and extinguish the fire. At this time, the manual operation of the drone can be switched to assist in monitoring the fire and finding the ignition point;

The fourth step, firefighters put out the fire in time.

Program value:

Effectively solve the problem of a large gap in the number of forest patrol pilots; when a fire occurs, the drone quickly arrives at the scene to gain valuable time for decision-making, and provides a high-altitude perspective to form a three-dimensional monitoring, real-time monitoring of the fire trend, improve fire extinguishing efficiency, and ensure the safety of firefighters .

#04 Mine inspection

Mine inspection by Autel Drones

Industry pain points: The traditional supervision is carried out by personnel holding GPS for simple measurement, which is inaccurate and has blind spots; illegal mining of industrial resources is mostly carried out covertly at night, making it difficult for law enforcement to obtain evidence; the rock walls are steep and there are security risks.

Solution: Autel SkyCommand Center+EVO NEST+EVO II Dual 640T RTK equipped with megaphone

Business Process:

The first step is to model the 3D real scene of the mine area and plan the 3D route.

The second step is to deploy EVO NEST flexibly according to the mine inspection needs, and reserve automatic inspection tasks in the Autel SkyCommand Center.

In the third step, the AI ​​of Autel SkyCommand Center intelligently recognizes abnormal conditions of ambient temperature at night, gives an alarm, and takes photos for evidence in time.

In the fourth step, the background personnel confirm the illegal operation location and notify the law enforcement personnel to go there.

Program value:

Drone remote sensing surveying and mapping modeling method can effectively improve the measurement accuracy; non-contact concealed inspection and inspection can more effectively combat illegal illegal mining.

#05 Airport Runway Inspection

EVO II Drone for Airport Runway Inspection

Industry pain points: There are two traditional runway inspection methods. One is through vehicle inspection, which has low inspection efficiency; the other is human inspection, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the inspection accuracy is greatly affected by human factors.

Solution: Autel SkyCommand Center+EVO NEST+EVO II Dual 640T RTK

Business Process:

The first step is high-precision 2D reality modeling of the airport.

In the second step, the Autel SkyCommand Center plans the route of the aerial survey and makes an appointment for the line patrol task.

In the third step, the images are sent back and spliced ​​in real time.

In the fourth step, AI intelligently compares the runway image of the previous flight and captures the abnormal position of the runway.

The fifth step is to dispatch geological survey inspectors to confirm the abnormal location on the spot.

Program value:

Drone remote sensing mapping is used to increase the frequency of runway inspections; image fast stitching technology and AI comparison technology are advanced means to improve the quality and efficiency of inspections.

Autel EVO II Enterprise

How to expand the field of drone services through technological innovation, ensure personnel safety, and reduce production costs are issues that Autel Intelligence will continue to explore in the future. Autel Intelligence will always be guided by the needs of the industry, assist in improving the comprehensive operation ability of front-line personnel, and use technological innovation to reduce the burden of industrial production and increase efficiency.