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Autel Enterprise drones work

What Is An Enterprise Drone?

The biggest difference between enterprise drones and consumer drones is the performance and purpose of the drone.

Enterprise drones are used as tools, while a typical consumer drone is just a drone with a camera and lacks many features. And some consumer drones are similar to toy drones, just to experience the fun of flying in the air.

As more and more industries adopt drone technology, drone makers are starting to ask some industries to create tailor-made enterprise drone solutions. Common enterprise drones include agricultural drones, surveying and mapping drones, roof inspection drones, and search and rescue drones.

Autel Enterprise drones

Enterprise drone solutions are professionally applied in the fields of in-depth inspection, firefighting, search and rescue, energy, mining, defense and surveillance, providing convenient and visual data for many drone pilots to penetrate dangerous areas.

What Is An Autel Enterprise Drone?

Autel Enterprie Drone

Autel Enterprise drones are sold in the Autel EVO II Pro Enterprise and the Autel EVO II Dual 640t Enterprise. The Autel EVO II enterprise drone offers omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, a transmission range of 9km and a flight time of up to 40 minutes.

Autel consumer drones are available in the EVO Nano Series and EVO Lite Series.

Autel enterprise drones benefit from the powerful performance of the Autel EVO II Pro/Dual 640t drone, high-resolution camera payload and thermal imaging camera, enabling Autel enterprise drones to operate in a variety of complex situations.

Enterprise drones, also known as commercial drones, often go deep into different scenarios because of the different payloads they can carry. The EVO II accessories that Autel enterprise drones can carry include Loundspeaker, spotlight, strobe, and RTK modules. These accessories enable enterprise drones to achieve greater effects in different scenarios.

Autel Enterprise Drone Accessories
Source: Autel releases EVO II Enterprise drones with spotlight, speaker accessories

Which Enterprise Series Drones Can I Choose From?

Common Enterprise Drones are Autel Dragonfish, Autel EVO II Enterprise, DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Series, DJI Phantom 4 RTK, DJI Matrice 30 Series, DJI Matrice 300 RTK (M300), DJI Matrice 600 Pro (M600), DJI Matrice 200 Series ( M200), Parrot ANAFI USA.

How Much Does a Commercial Drone Cost?

Invest in enterprise drones and consider the functional characteristics of commercial drones. What is your commercial drone? Considering the enterprise machine equipped with thermal imager, it will cost at least more than 6,000 US dollars, and considering the drone equipped with RTK module, it will cost at least 5,000 US dollars. A Commercial drone for sale is a great investment for your business venture.

High-quality image and video production is also an important part of enterprise drones, which come with thermal imaging options, zoom cameras, and multispectral cameras. Add drones to your business model to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency, and everything will save time and effort.

Uses of Commercial Drones

Firefighting - Search and rescue missions are made easier and more efficient with commercial drones. Avoiding obstacles in complex environments and providing situational awareness, infrared imaging drones can be undisturbed by smoke and utilize thermal image processing.

Construction - Aerial view to quickly view roofing materials, gutters and chimneys to facilitate roof and building inspections. As well as bridge and highway inspections.

Law Enforcement - Provides situational awareness to first responders (the police in this case). Police drones can effectively enforce law enforcement and monitor operations.

 Autel Enterprise Drones

Telecommunications - Telecommunications engineers can conduct maintenance inspections of telecommunications towers with the help of enterprise drones.

Agriculture - Drones advance the intelligence of modern agriculture, surveying and inspecting your crops for signs of pest infestation, nutrient deficiencies or irrigation needs.Agricultural drone

Energy - Thermal imaging drones can conduct outdoor inspections of the energy industry, reducing the risk of people working at heights.

Energy Enterprise Drones

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