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Spotlight to Autel EVO 2 RTK Benefits

Spotlight to Autel EVO 2 RTK Benefits

The EVO II RTK will be available in the US later in 2021 and has solely been officially unveiled at this time. Autel Evo II Pro RTK and Autel EVO II Dual 640T RTK are on the way. Pricing for the North American market is also not yet available.

Autel Robotics is Announcing Its Made in USA EVO II Dual Bundles. We could see the two Autel EVO 2 drones with the RTK module attached in the video. So what RTK means and how does it works?

RTK is short for real time kinematics. A GPS receiver capable of RTK takes in the normal signals from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems along with a correction stream to achieve 1cm positional accuracy.Real Time Kinematic is a technique used to increase the accuracy of GNSS positions using a fixed base station, that wirelessly sends out correctional data to a moving receiver.

The EVO II RTK series integrates an entirely new RTK module, which provides real-time centimeter-level positioning data and supports Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK). The aircraft can record the original satellite observation data, camera exposure parameters and various other data. The positioning system supports A-RTK base station and RTK network, which helps to achieve accurate and stable data acquisition in complex operation environments.

 EVO II RTK series

RTK is immensely beneficial for improving vertical accuracy while surveying stockpile. Using a combination of RTK and waypoints, accuracy in mapping and surveying can also be improved dramatically.