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[App] Autel EVO Drone Explorer App (For EVO and EVO II)

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Current Version
Autel Explorer App iOS Version
Android Version

Autel Explorer App For EVO & EVO II

To download the app to your mobile device, search the Apple App Store or Google Play for the keywords “Autel Explorer.” Or, use these direct links:

Download on the App Store Get It on Google Play

Access powerful tools from the Autel Explorer App:

  • Adjust camera settings to capture videos or photos precisely how you want them to be.
  • Configure your aircraft’s flight control settings to best suit your preferences.
  • Access Intelligent flight modes like Waypoint mission planning, Orbits, Dynamic Track, and Viewpoint
  • Enjoy an HD live video feed from your 4K camera even when the EVO is a speck on the horizon.

EVO Explorer App Manual EVO II Explorer App Manual

Note: Before updating or uninstalling the Autel Explorer app, please sync your flight logs. Not syncing before removing the previous version of the App may result in loss of personal flight records. This is NOT a requirement to update the app. If you do not wish to upload data, then disregard this message.

Current Autel Explorer Version:

iOS Version

Android Version - Download Here

Release Notes

  • Improved display contrast for adverse lighting situations
  • Supported real-time no-fly zone information display
  • Increased the maximum flight altitude to 2640ft (800m)
  • Fixed translation bugs

The following updates only apply to EVO II series

  • Supported cross-hatch flight in rectangular mission
  • Added gimbal lock option in the camera setting
  • Optimized the mission planning settings
  • Enabled 1-2 second strobe function for auxiliary bottom LED lights
  • Added support for longer, multiple-battery missions - users can Resume, Restart, or Edit their previously begun missions (firmware needs to be upgraded to V2.2.3)

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