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Autel MAX 4T Multiple Mission Types

Autel MAX 4T, as a leading semi-autonomous drone among commercial drones, has excellent mission planning capabilities. MAX 4T can perform Spiral Mission, Vertical Scan, Corridor Mission, Polygon Mission, Terrain Follow, and Rectangular Mission.

Autel MAX 4T has a newly designed drone application, and Autel Enterprise App is a drone software that cooperates with EVO MAX 4T to perform flight and photography tasks. At the same time, Autel EVO MAX 4T can also cooperate with EVO NEST to remotely control and issue drone mission commands through Autel Skycommand Center!

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Description of Autel MAX 4T Multiple Mission Types

The Enterprise App provides various autonomous and semi autonomous mission planning for public safety, inspection, and surveying.

Spiral Mission*

Autel Max 4T Spiral Mission

Supports helical flight search in a designated area for SAR.

Vertical Scan*

Autel Max 4T Vertical Mission

Perform vertical surveys for building facades, open pit walls, and towers.

Corridor Mission*

Autel Max 4T Corridor Mission

Supports intuitive and effective corridor mission planning for roads, rivers, pipelines, power lines and other narrow, large-scale terrain.

Polygon Mission*

Autel Max 4T Polygon Mission

Supports one-click automatic generation of polygon flight areas.

Terrain Follow*

Autel Max 4T Terrain Mission

Maintain relatively constant altitude from the ground for uneven or sloped terrain.

Rectangular Mission*

Autel Max 4T Rectangular Mission

Supports one-click automatic generation of a rectangular flight area.

*The mission planning capabilities of Autel MAX 4T will continue to be demonstrated with firmware updates!

*Autel MAX 4T is now available for pre-order at the Autelpilot store, with a pre-order price of $8,999!
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