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Public Safety Drones

Public Safety Drones | Applications of Autel Drones

More and more commercial drones are beginning to enter the field of public safety, and people are gradually realizing the malleability and powerful functions of enterprise drones. Enterprise drones can be used in public safety fire departments and emergency management, and Autel Drone has implemented several successful use cases.

Autel enterprise drones are used to improve public safety and have played a huge role in security patrols, traffic monitoring, border patrols, coast patrols, etc. The need for emergency drone services from public safety agencies has breathed new life into enterprise drones.

Introducing The Autel Enterprise Drone

Best Public Safety Drones | Autel Enterprise Drone

There are five Autel enterprise drones, namely Autel EVO II Dual 640t, Autel EVO II Pro RTK, Autel EVO II Dual 640t RTK, Autel EVO II Dual 640t Enterprise, Autel EVO II Pro Enterprise.

In the Autel family of enterprise drones, there is also the Dragonfish family of top-notch industry drones for deployment battle planning. Autel Dragonfish is an advanced vertical take-off and landing drone, a hybrid VTOL tilt-rotor drone that provides advanced and effective aerial solutions for public service agencies.

The prominent features of enterprise drones are RTK and thermal imaging capabilities, while consumer drones are only born to experience the fun of flying and the charm of aerial photography. RTK drones and thermal imaging drones can be used in public safety fire departments and emergency situations, which are very beneficial to public safety.

Real-world Use Cases Of Autel Enterprise Drones In Public Safety Services

Security Patrol

Public Safety Drones for Security Patrol

Mass automation of drones in inspection work enables short-term and high-frequency patrols to improve their response effectiveness to emergencies.

Traffic Monitoring

Public Safety Drones for Traffic Inspection Solution

Autel Drones patrol road ways frequently from the air, and can alert authorities of traffic issues or roadway conditions and to ensure rapid responses to emergencies without having to wait for a response team to wade through traffics hours afterwards to reach the scene.

Border Patrol

Public Safety Drones for Border Patrol Solution

Unmanned aerial vehicles are not restricted by the complex geographic environment, and can efficiently and accurately assist border defense agencies in border patrols, border monitoring, and border search tasks.

Coastal Patrol

Public Safety Drones for Coastal Patrol

Efficiently identify ships and perform target lock with AI technology to assist the supervision of coastal areas for safety, security, and inspection

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