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Enterprise drone accessories anti-collision strobe light

Drone Night Anti-Collision Strobe Light Using Guide

The anti-collision light of the drone is very helpful for the drone to fly at night. Usually, the enterprise drone supports the installation of additional accessories, and the anti-collision strobe light is one of them. The strobe light accessories of Autel enterprise drones can be replaced, and you can also choose more strobe lights on the market to prepare.

Drone photographer drones often fly their drones for some stunning scenes during the twilight golden hour of sunset or at night. Cities are brightly lit at night, however, with limited visibility, you may not always spot your drone. Therefore, installing strobe anti-collision lights on your drone is very useful for drone visualization and obstacle avoidance at night.

FAA Regulations on Strobe Lights

In the United States, drones want to fly at night, the remote command pilot of the drone needs to be trained and tested for night flight operations, and the drone is equipped with anti-collision lights. The anti-collision light can be permanently attached to the drone, or it can be an add-on style.

Anti-collision lights must be visible within 3 statute miles and must strobe or pulse. The strobe light must be white or red in color and emit a clearly visible light.

Why Do You Need Anti-Collision Lights?

Anti-Collision Light with drone

When flying a drone at night, the role of the lights is to prevent collisions with other aircraft. Strobe lights will help alert another pilot that the drone is in their flight path and they can take steps to avoid it.

Drone pilots must always yield to manned aircraft, but if something goes wrong or malfunctions, anti-collision lights will help manned aircraft pilots spot drones and prevent potential disaster.

Are Autel Enterprise Drone Strobes Replaceable?

Autel enterprise drone strobe light can of course be replaced. Autel's original strobe light has a maximum power of 1.6W, the light intensity of the strobe light is a minimum of 50CD, a maximum of 486cd, and the coverage range can reach 5000 meters, which can fully indicate the position of the aircraft at night to avoid air traffic accidents.

strobe light for enterprise drones

Autel Robotics also recommends FoxFury - D3060 lights, the FoxFury D3060 Trade Compliant is a small drone, helmet and utility light. This EVO Light for the EVO II series features strobe-capable 30° and 60° dual LEDs that operate independently to provide 360° anti-collision lighting. A single charge lasts 1.5 to 3 hours and weighs just 1.3 ounces (37 grams). Its various mounting options allow it to be used as a utility light, anti-collision light or navigation light.

FoxFury Strobe Light

Which Type Of Anti-Collision Light Is Best?

In addition to complying with FAA regulations, anti-collision lights also need to be adapted to drones. In the drone community, the top two anti-collision drone lights are the Firehouse ARC V and the LumeCube Strobe. In addition, there are FireHouse Arc II, TopSun Cree, TopSun Dome, Ulanzi DR-01, Ulanzi DR-02, FireHouse Arc V. A large number of drone anti-collision strobe light manufacturers provide bright lights for drone night driving.

Some strobe anti-collision light manufacturers add three light modes to the anti-collision light, strobe, flashing (slower than strobe), and always on, all based on your preference.

Strobe light purchase and use skills

Easy To Install

Strobe lights are usually light in weight, so they need to be easy to install and stable. Some fixed strobe lights are attached to the drone, and some are embedded in accessories. Either way, make sure your strobe anti-collision lights are installed securely.

Strobe Light Cover

Strobe lights are bright and harsh, and you can reduce this visual stimulus by installing a strobe light cover. At the same time, the different colors of the lamp cover can affect the color of the light emitted by the strobe, which is very interesting.

Make Sure The Anti-Collision Lights Are On At Night

Anti-collision lights are an important guarantee for flying drones at night. If anti-collision lights are needed and the battery dies, your mission could be grounded or delayed. The anti-collision strobe light not only scents our drone's location, but also helps alert another pilot to avoid a collision.

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