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Autel Drone Response Search and Rescue Solutions

Autel Drone Response Search and Rescue Solutions

Search and rescue drones provide responders with the unique ability to assess disaster situations and locate those in distress through proactive measures, making them an extremely effective search and rescue tool. Autel drone EVO II Dual 640T Series and Autel Dragonfish series have advanced drone technology to support search and rescue personnel.

How can drones help improve search and rescue operations in the public sector?

search and rescue personnel

The world is always full of dangers and natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. These catastrophic events pose challenges to emergency responders, and the participation of search and rescue drones will make search and rescue operations more efficient and effective.

Drones allow emergency responders to quickly scan wide areas and identify potential victims. This requires search and rescue drones equipped with cameras with high-resolution images and higher-performance thermal imaging lenses. At the same time, if drones can perform route planning, this could help responders cover more ground with less effort. This is especially useful in hard-to-reach places, such as mountains or dense forests.

Pros and Cons of Using a Search and Rescue Drone

Drones are powerful tools in search and rescue operations. However, there are pros and cons to consider when public safety uses drones for search and rescue operations.

Advantages of Search and Rescue Drones

Disadvantages of Search and Rescue Drones

The most obvious advantage of drone technology in search and rescue operations is the ability of drones to cover vast areas in a short amount of time. Conduct rapid surveys of wide areas and find missing persons faster. Additionally, drones are able to provide an aerial view of inaccessible terrain. This is useful for identifying potential routes for rescuers and assessing risk factors.

Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras can make search and rescue missions easier at night. Search and rescue drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras will be able to better locate survivors, or in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, drones with payloads can be used to airdrop supplies to those in need.


The sky view of the drone means that it can see farther and wider, which undoubtedly has the risk of leaking privacy. This is why many people are resistant to drones.

Another potential problem is cost. Drones aren't cheap, and the cost of purchasing and maintaining them can be prohibitive for some organizations. Some organizations obtain drones through crowdfunding, some organizations apply to higher authorities, and some organizations rely on private sponsorship of drones.


How can Autel drones improve the efficiency of search and rescue operations?

The most widely used Autel search and rescue drones are 640T series and Dragonfish series. These two series of drones have high-definition RGB cameras and infrared thermal imaging lenses, good flight performance, support for long-distance transmission, and stable signals.

  • Temperature screening
SAR drone for temperature screening

By carrying thermal imaging payloads, etc., it can directly reflect the temperature difference in the search and rescue area, which is helpful for rapid detection and positioning of search targets.

  • Night search and rescue
SAR drone for Night search and rescue

Equipped with searchlights, it is on standby around the clock to solve the lighting problem for night search and rescue.

  • Live video streaming
SAR Drone for Live video streaming

The drone transmits the on-site image back to the command center, allowing the command center to understand the situation at the first time and formulate a search and rescue plan.

  • Material relief
SAR Drone for Material relief

In areas where personnel cannot enter and drones cannot land, materials and equipment can be airdropped by fixed-point parachuting or rapid low-altitude airdrops.

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