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EVO 2 Dual Thermal imager drone for search and rescue

Night Search and Rescue | Thermal Camera Drone EVO II Dual 640t Demonstration

Autel EVO II Dual 640t has become one of the important thermal imaging drones, with powerful thermal image capabilities, high-resolution thermal sensor lenses, drones with thermal imaging cameras are constantly being used in public safety Among them, the EVO II Dual 640t was used for personnel search and rescue at night.

Can thermal cameras measure body temperature?

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect human body temperature with high speed and efficiency. The thermal imager detects the overall temperature distribution and range of activities of the human body by receiving the infrared radiation heat emitted by the human body. Thermal imaging cameras do not actively emit infrared radiation.

In today's severe epidemic situation, large-scale body temperature screening in places with high traffic often requires the use of thermal imaging cameras. The detector of the thermal imager can passively receive the infrared radiation of the measured object, convert it into a temperature value, and finally visually display the temperature distribution of the measured object, with non-contact measurement. For example, entering and leaving large shopping malls will display body temperature data in real time.

At night, all visible light is so rare. Thermal imaging drones do not rely on light sources but heat to detect everything. Therefore, when it is difficult to get in touch with people in distress, the thermal imaging drone can easily view the source of thermal energy from above and pinpoint the specific location.

What is the principle of thermal imaging drone temperature measurement?

The working principle of thermal imaging camera temperature measurement is: any object above absolute zero will emit infrared radiation, and the infrared detector and optical imaging objective lens receive the infrared radiation energy distribution map of the measured target and reflect it to the infrared detector. The thermal image corresponds to the thermal distribution field on the surface of the object, and different colors represent the different temperatures of the measured object.

The accurate temperature measurement range of the EVO II Dual 640T is 2-20 meters. By viewing the thermal image, the temperature distribution of the entire measured object can be observed, and the rescue plan can be accurately deployed when searching for people at night.

Thermal imager for drone search and rescue

Is thermal imaging drone temperature measurement harmful to the human body?

No. The principle of infrared thermal imager temperature measurement is to passively receive infrared radiation emitted by objects to image temperature measurement. It does not actively emit infrared light. Therefore, measuring body temperature with an infrared thermal imager will not cause harm to the human body.

Thermal imaging drones will greatly speed up the search and rescue progress at night, save manpower and material resources, lock the missing range of the rescued objects, determine the rescue plan, and save lives faster. EVO II Dual 640T has up to 8k visible light camera drone and 640*512 thermal sensor resolution, night eyes, one of the advanced search and rescue drones.

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