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Buying a Refurbished Drone, a Used Drone, Or a Brand New Drone?

Buying a drone is nothing new, with more than 80% of households in the US owning one. With the continuous upgrading of drone technology, flying drones is one of the new hobbies of many drone users, but it has also brought about an accelerated rate of drone product obsolescence. For drone enthusiasts, is it better to buy a refurbished drone, a used drone, or a brand new drone?

Drones are undoubtedly one of the high-value investments. The next drone offering will only be better. Drone manufacturers will continue to improve the shortcomings of older drones and add new features in preparation for the next generation of drones. So, how should drone enthusiasts choose?

How Can Drone Users Invest In Drones?

If you are a fan of drones on a budget, buying a refurbished drone can also be a good option. For drone users, the risks of investing in drones: used drones > leased drones > refurbished drones > brand new drones.

Does Autel Offer Used Drones?

As a professional U.S. drone manufacturer, Autel does not sell second-hand drones. This can be guaranteed. Second-hand drones are usually used several times by drone users, and their appearance is severely worn and their performance is greatly reduced. Selling used drones isn't kind to Autel drones.

Does Autel Offer Rental Drones?

Autel drones do not currently provide rental services, and the rental of drones can easily lead to a greater crisis of confidence. For drone users who have rental needs, they can choose a regular large-scale online rental service provider with insurance services. See more: Drone Rental Or Drone Purchase?

Does Autel Offer Refurbished Drones?

Autel officially provides a dedicated refurbishment page to introduce refurbished products. Includes EVO II 8K - Rugged Bundle for $1,646.00, EVO II Refurbished Remote Control (v1) for $210.00, EVO II Refurbished Standard Battery Charger for $58.00, Autel Robotics SD Card Holder for $10.
Source: Should You Buy An Autel Refurbished Drone?

Does Autel Offer Trade-in Programs?

Autel does not support trade-in services for the time being. Drone products usually have a long service life. In the absence of serious flight accidents, Autel drones can be used for up to 5-7 years.

What Is Autel Robotics Care?

The Autel Robotics Care program provides professional drone replacement services to every drone user. Autel users who purchase Autel Robotics Care for Autel consumer drone series Autel EVO Nano series, Autel EVO Lite series, and Autel EVO II Pro can get twice a year of fault replacement and fly-away replacement services. Autel Enterprise drone series Autel EVO II Dual 640t, Autel EVO II RTK series, Autel EVO II Enterprise series offer biannual replacement service.

The Autel Robotics Care plan is only valid for one year after the Autel user is activated. During this period, the rights of the Autel user are fully guaranteed, and the drone service is directly replaced by a new one. Source: What is Autel Robotics Care & Third Party Liability Insurance?

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