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What is Autel Robotics Care & Third Party Liability Insurance?

What is Autel Robotics Care & Third Party Liability Insurance?

Autel drones are high-value electronic products, and in the event of an accident, the loss will be irreversible. Autel Robotics has launched the Autel Robotics Care&Third Party Liability Insurance service globally to ensure the flight safety of Autel drones and safeguard the vital rights and interests of Autel drone users.

Autel Robotics Care mainly applies to accidents caused by normal use or damage to the aircraft caused by the user. Within the validity period of up to 12 months, once the product is damaged, it can be replaced with a new machine of the same model after paying the service fee, which is the greatest harvest.

Why Should I Buy Autel Robotics Care?

Two-Way Free Shipping

Autel Robotics Care provides you with efficient and hassle-free free shipping and delivery.

Water Damage Protection

Autel Robotics provides water damage protection so you can confidently fly near mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes. If the aircraft is damaged by water, the aircraft will be replaced.

Faster Turnaround

Auter Robotics Care allows users to skip lengthy damage assessments, maintenance procedures and flight tests. Replacement planes are issued immediately upon receipt of damaged units, significantly reducing wait times.

Fly Away Protection

With Autel Robotics Care, if your plane flies away, disconnects or goes missing. You need to sync flight records in the AutelSky App.

Autel Robotics Care & Third Party Liability FAQs

01 What is Autel Robotics Care?

Autel Robotics Care is an after-sales service plan launched by Autel, which provides product accidental damage replacement services for Autel's products. If the product is lost due to normal use or accident, the user can replace the damaged product after paying a certain fee, and can enjoy two replacement opportunities within the one-year validity period of the service.

02 How is it different from the official warranty?

During the warranty period, product problems caused by product quality are provided by Daotong Smart for free; Autel Robotics Care is mainly for product losses caused by normal use or accidents.
If you purchased Autel Robotics Care and the product is under warranty and the product is under warranty due to a repair replacement due to a quality problem, the "Replacement Service Count" will not be consumed.

03 Where does Autel Robotics Care sell?

North America, Mainland China (temporarily excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), the European Union

[PDF] Autel Care Download

04 Can I buy Autel Robotics Care across regions?

Yes, you can buy Autel Robotics Care from outside the US, EU or Mainland China, but keep in mind that Autel Robotics Care is region specific. For example, if you buy Autel Robotics Care in the US, it cannot be used in the EU and vice versa.

05 What are the conditions for purchase?

· Autel drone product brand new not activated
· Drone product activation time within 24 hours
· During the warranty period, pass the official test

06 What if I want to buy Autel Robotics Care but it has been more than 48 hours since the drone was activated?

You can still purchase Autel Robotics Care by contacting the Autel Customer Service Team at and sending your device back to them for a functional check. If your device passes the inspection, then you will be able to purchase Autel Robotics Care.

07 Is it possible to return or transfer?

If your Autel Robotics product is returned in accordance with the official return policy of Autel Robotics, you can apply to withdraw from the Autel Robotics Care service; Autel Robotics Care is uniquely bound to the aircraft and cannot be transferred.

08 How long is the validity period?

The replacement service and third-party liability insurance provided by Autel Robotics Care are valid for 12 months, starting from 00:00 on the date set out in the service agreement.

09 Does Autel Robotics Care support renewal?

Autel Robotics Care is only valid for 12 months and can only be used once per device. Once your Autel Robotics Care term expires, you will not be able to renew it.

10 Is the replacement aircraft brand new?


11 About third party insurance?

Daotong Smart (the "insurer") and Ping An of China jointly launched third-party liability insurance for aviation drones, which will be underwritten by Ping An of China (the "insurer"). During the insurance period, when the insured uses and controls the Autel Robotics drone, the drone has an accident, causing personal injury or property to a third party caused by the drone or any object falling from the drone. The loss shall be borne by the insured, and the insurer shall be responsible for compensation according to the agreement.

This insurance cannot be purchased separately. For consumer-grade drones, you need to fill in your ID information correctly when Autel Robotics Care is bound to the product, and Daotong will insure you for free. The validity period is the same as the Autel Robotics Care service plan.

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