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Should You Buy An Autel Refurbished Drone?

The drone industry continues to grow and develop, and the constantly updated drone technology pushes the drone hobby to a new level. Buying a drone is a high-value investment, and refurbished drones are emerging as an alternative for those on a budget.

The demand for consumer drones and enterprise drones continues to expand, drones are constantly updated, and the release cycle of drones is significantly shortened. The perfect drone will always appear next time, so how do drone pilots keep up with new drones? Well, buying a refurbished drone is a great way to save money.

In fact, every update to a drone model stems from changing customer needs in the market. Refurbished drones create a sustainable market. Drone pilots can buy refurbished drones for 10 to 20 percent less than their brand new counterparts.

Does Autel Robotics Offer Refurbished Drones?

Drone enthusiasts can purchase refurbished drones directly from the manufacturer. Buying a refurbished drone from the manufacturer Autel Robotics comes with a full authenticity guarantee. Of course, some major retailers also offer refurbished drones for purchase. If you are buying from these retailers, you must check to see if you are getting an official refurbished product. Some drone brands may identify whether the official drone is refurbished by marking, and DJI's refurbished drones will have an "R" suffix on the drone's serial number.

What Is A Refurbished Autel Robotics Product?

Refurbished Autel Robotics products are used equipment that is returned to Autel Robotics for various reasons. For whatever reason, each product is fully bench and flight tested, followed by post-flight analysis. Dispose of any parts that need to be replaced during this process.

What Refurbished Products Does Autel Robotics Offer?

Autel officially provides a dedicated refurbishment page to introduce refurbished products. Includes EVO II 8K - Rugged Bundle for $1,646.00, EVO II Refurbished Remote Controller (v1) for $210.00, EVO II Refurbished Standard Battery Charger for $58.00, and Autel Robotics SD Card Holder for $10.

Are Refurbished Drones The Same As Used Drones?

Refurbished drones are drone products that have been sold again after minor repairs or replacement parts. Refurbished products are between 10% and 20% cheaper than their brand new counterparts, making refurbished products a great deal for those on a low budget.

Second-hand drones are drones that have been used by others, and the number of times of use cannot be counted. Is the second-hand drone complete with spare parts, whether the second-hand drone is still sold with faults, and how much is worn? So strictly speaking, refurbished drones are not the same as second-hand drones.

What Aspects Of Refurbished Drones Should I Be Aware Of?

Autel refurbished drones are used drones that are returned by customers, either under warranty repaired drones or newly purchased drones that are in the replacement period. We can't define how many times a drone is used, but Autel Robotics does a full inspection of the drone, replacing damaged parts and alleviating any concerns about buying a refurbished drone.

An important part of buying a refurbished drone to avoid risk is to test the drone. For experienced drone pilots, complete all the usual flight operations, test that the camera and gimbal are working properly, and quickly check the transmission range. These tests will help drone pilots determine if a return or replacement is required.

Things To Expect When Purchasing a Refurbished Product:

  • - Lack of certain retail packaging:
    • - Plastic film may not be on the aircraft body
    • - Plastic film may not be on the Gimbal Camera lens
    • - Plastic film may not be on the Charger
    • - Plastic film may not be on the Remote Controller
    • - Propellers may not be packaged (both on the aircraft and spares)
    • - USB cables may not be packaged
    • - Boxes may show some wear
  • - All items will be clean but may have minor cosmetic blemishes such as scuffs, scratches, etc...
  • - Battery may have up to 10 cycles 
  • - Unit will be updated to most current version of firmware available during refurbishment process
  • - All units are reconditioned and flight tested to strict standards set forth by Autel Robotics
  • - Autel Robotics guarantees all refurbished products will function ‘as new’
  • - Refurbished products may be available at a variety of retailers. After purchase of a refurbished unit from a 3rd party seller, all future support must be handled through Autel Robotics directly. Dealers will be unable to handle or process refurbished units post sale
  • - Returns for cosmetic issues, that do not affect operation, will not be accepted 
  • - Every refurbished unit comes with a 6-month warranty against any manufacturer defects.
  • Refurbished units are not eligible for Autel Robotics Care

Do Refurbished Autel Robotics Drones Come With a Warranty?

The quality of refurbished drones is the same as new ones, and they are covered by a warranty plan, which is within 6 months for refurbished drones and within one year for brand new drones. Refurbished drones cannot be purchased under the Autel Robotics Care program.

Is There Aftermarket Protection When Buying An Autel Refurbished Drone?

Any refurbished drone should offer some level of buyer protection. This includes availability in the form of a warranty or manufacturer's return policy. Refurbished drones usually have some minor blemishes that don't affect the longevity or performance of the drone.

Final Thoughts

As an intelligent high-end electronic technology product, it is obviously impossible to invest in a new drone every time. Autel refurbished drones will have a very large market demand. This could be a great opportunity for those longing for a good but inexpensive drone.

For those on an average drone budget, buying a refurbished drone from Autel Robotics is more secure than a used drone. Buyer protection is also available when purchasing refurbished drones from official manufacturers.

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