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What is Drone PDAF+CDAF Focusing Technology?

What is Drone PDAF+CDAF Focusing Technology?

Drone PDAF+CDAF focusing technology is a technology used for autofocus when shooting with drones. PDAF refers to Phase AF technology, while CDAF refers to Contrast AF technology.

The phase focus technology measures the light phase difference of the object to be photographed to judge the distance and position of the object to be photographed, so as to realize automatic focusing. Phase-focus technology performs better in focusing on fast-moving objects or in low-light conditions.

Contrast focusing technology judges the sharpness and focusing state of the image according to the contrast of the object being photographed. Contrast focusing technology is suitable for shooting static or slow moving objects.

The drone PDAF+CDAF focusing technology combines phase focusing technology and contrast focusing technology to achieve faster and more accurate autofocus. The technology could help drones film in complex environments, such as fast-moving objects and low-light conditions.

It should be noted that the drone PDAF+CDAF focusing technology needs to be supported by a high-performance image sensor and a fast image processor. It also requires more accurate attitude control and flight control to ensure that the drone is performing autofocus time stability and precision.

Autel drones that support PDAF+CDAF focusing technology include: Autel EVO Nano Plus, Autel EVO Lite.