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Autel drone moonlight algorithm

What is the Drone Camera Moonlight Algorithm?

Drone camera moonlight algorithm is an algorithm for drone aerial image processing. Based on artificial intelligence technology, it can automatically process and analyze high-resolution images taken by drones, and realize functions such as image classification, recognition, and target detection. Among them, the "moonlight algorithm" means that the algorithm can enhance the image at night or under low-light conditions to improve the brightness and clarity of the image.

The drone camera moonlight algorithm has a wide range of applications in the field of drone aerial photography. It can be used for aerial photography of drones at night to obtain high-quality images, thereby helping real estate photography in commercial aerial photography, recording of promotional videos, etc.; in the field of urban planning, it can be used for building facade recognition, terrain analysis, road monitoring, etc. ; In the field of public safety, it can be used for fire monitoring, disaster assessment, personnel search and rescue, etc.

Compared with the traditional aerial image processing algorithm, the drone camera moonlight algorithm has the following advantages. First, it uses deep learning technology, which can effectively process and analyze large-scale, high-dimensional data; second, it can realize automatic processing and classification of images, reducing the burden of manual processing; finally, it can perform real-time processing and analysis, improving the timeliness and accuracy of data.

In short, the drone camera moonlight algorithm is an important technology in the field of drone aerial photography image processing. It has broad application prospects and market space, and will become an important technical support in the field of drone aerial photography in the future.

At present, Autel drones equipped with moonlight algorithm technology include Autel EVO Lite+ and Autel EVO II Pro V3. Autel EVO Lite+ is equipped with moonlight algorithm 1.0, and Autel EVO II Pro V3 is equipped with moonlight algorithm 2.0. Moonlight algorithm 2.0 further improves the ISO range, enabling Night imaging is clearer.

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