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Autel Drone Thermal Imaging

What is Drone Thermal Imaging?

Drone thermal imaging sensing technology is a thermal imaging technology based on drone platform. It collects the infrared radiation energy of the measured object by carrying a thermal imaging camera, and then acquires and analyzes the thermal imaging image of the measured object, so as to achieve the diagnosis and analysis of the temperature distribution, thermal characteristics and surface structure of the target object. 

Drone thermal imaging sensing technology can be widely used in environmental monitoring, agriculture, construction, electric power, petrochemical, public safety and other fields.

  • In terms of environmental monitoring, drone  thermal imaging technology can be used to detect pollution sources, monitor hot spots, discover underground pipelines, etc.;
  • In agriculture, it can be used to monitor crop growth, early warning of pests and diseases, etc.;
  • Defect detection of buildings, monitoring of nighttime construction, etc.;
  • In the fields of electric power and petrochemicals, it can be used for abnormal detection and fault diagnosis of equipment;
  • In terms of public safety, it can be used for large-scale event security and geological disaster monitoring, etc.

Compared with traditional thermal imaging technology, drone thermal imaging sensing technology has the following advantages: First, it can realize high-efficiency, high-precision monitoring and diagnosis of large-area and complex terrain; Monitoring the target in a blind spot improves the detection range and coverage; finally, it can realize automatic monitoring and data processing, which improves the monitoring efficiency and data accuracy.

In short, Drone thermal imaging sensing technology has broad application prospects in the future development, and will become an important technical means in the fields of environmental monitoring, agriculture, construction, electric power, petrochemical, public safety, etc., bringing great benefits to people's production and life. Come more convenience and contribution.

Practical application of thermal imaging drone

Thermal imaging drone for hunting

Thermal imaging drone for arrest criminals

Thermal imaging drone for industrial inspection

Thermal imaging drone for wildlife management

At present, Autel drone equipment with drone thermal imaging sensing technology includes EVO II 640T series, Autel MAX 4T, Autel Dragonfish.

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