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What is Drone Camera HDR Mode?

What is Drone Camera HDR Mode?

The HDR mode of the drone camera refers to the High-Dynamic Range mode (High-Dynamic Range), which is a set of technologies used to achieve a larger exposure dynamic range than ordinary digital image technology.

Simply put, through HDR, a display or camera can well express images that exceed its brightness range, and it can also be simply understood that HDR can greatly improve the contrast between light and dark of picture details.

This image processing technique captures multiple images at different exposure levels in the same image and combines them into a single high dynamic range image.

Using HDR mode in drone cameras can help photographers take more exquisite photos, especially in strong light or when there are strong shadow and highlight differences in the scene, HDR mode can capture more details and colors, Make photos more realistic and rich.

HDR mode usually requires the camera to take multiple photos and combine them into a single photo. In drone cameras, this is usually done automatically by the camera without human intervention.

The UAV drone HDR mode needs to be turned on in advance during flight shooting, otherwise it will delay time by switching shooting modes in the air.

Good HDR images may not be obtained when the contrast of the scene is low, or product shake occurs, or the subject is blurred. Therefore, the anti-shake gimbal of the drone camera is necessary. The Autel drone uses a three-axis gimbal to collect images, which can effectively avoid blurred images.

The drone's automatic HDR mode is currently not perfect in the drone market, and there are limitations to shooting conditions and storage files. Therefore, drone pilots should fully consider weather factors, such as the impact of light and fog, and manually turn on the HDR mode for shooting.

In Autel drones, taking consumer drones as an example, the driver can enable 4K 3840x2160 HDR recording. Autel EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, EVO II series all support drone HDR photography.

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