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What is Drone Obstacle Avoidance System?

What is Drone Obstacle Avoidance System?

In recent years, the UAV drone market has grown rapidly, and consumer drone are becoming more and more popular. In order to ensure the safe flight of multi-rotor drones at low altitudes, various sensing technologies are used to achieve autonomous navigation and collision detection, especially those equipped with automatic An obstacle avoidance system is essential.

The stage of drone obstacle avoidance technology

At present, UAV drone obstacle avoidance technology can be divided into three stages, namely, the stage of sensing obstacles, the stage of bypassing obstacles, and the stage of scene modeling and path search.

In the Obstacle Sensing phase, the drone simply senses the obstacle. when encountering obstacles

Quickly identify and hover over the time, waiting for further instructions from the operator.

In the second stage, the UAV drone accurately judges and perceives the obstacle by acquiring the depth image of the obstacle.

The specific outline of the obstacle, and then autonomously bypass the obstacle.

In the final stage, the UAV drone forms a three-dimensional map model of the flight area, and plans a reasonable route for flight activities.

Drone Obstacle Avoidance Detection

Drone obstacle avoidance sensing technology refers to the technology that detects and avoids collisions between drones and obstacles by using sensors and other technologies. These sensors and technologies can include:

Ultrasonic Sensor: Using ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles around the drone, it can measure distance and issue an alert or adjust the flight path if necessary.

Optical sensors: including cameras and lidar, etc., can scan the surrounding environment and detect the position and distance of obstacles.

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): It can measure information such as the acceleration, angular velocity, and direction of the drone to help the drone calculate its position and avoid obstacles more accurately.

Global Positioning System (GPS): It can provide the position information of the drone and help the drone to better plan the flight path.

Electronic compass: It can provide the direction information of the drone, helping the drone to better control the direction and avoid obstacles.

Is drone obstacle avoidance important?

The drone automatic obstacle avoidance system can avoid obstacles in the flight path in time, greatly reducing various losses caused by operational errors. While reducing the number of bombing accidents, it can also be of great help to drone beginners!

The obstacle avoidance sensor and obstacle avoidance technology carried by the camera drone are usually integrated with the flight control system on the drone to help the drone automatically adjust the flight path by monitoring the drone's position, speed and surrounding environment in real time to avoid obstacles. Therefore, it is very necessary for consumer drones to be equipped with obstacle avoidance systems.

What is Autel Drone Obstacle Avoidance System?

At present, the EVO Nano series of Autel drones adopts a three-way binocular obstacle avoidance perception system, which can detect obstacles in three directions: front, back and down.

autel robotics evo nano plus 三向避障

Based on the three-way binocular obstacle avoidance perception system,the EVO Lite series adds a downward ultrasonic sensor to obtain depth images of obstacles downward to help the drone land.

autel evo lite+ 三向避障

The EVO II series is equipped with a six-direction binocular obstacle avoidance sensor, which accurately calculates the distance between the aircraft and potential obstacles, and begins to detect potential hazards up to 30 meters away.

autel robotics evo ii pro 6k 无人机 360° 避障

The obstacle avoidance protection measure of Autel drones is to brake and hover instead of flying around after detecting obstacles. Since consumer drones do not have obstacle avoidance sensors on the side, it is very likely that the obstacle avoidance by flying around will cause damage to the drone. poses a greater flight threat.

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