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Autel Drones HDR Photos

How To Take And Edit HDR Photos?

Turning on the HDR mode will take your drone photos to a new level, but will you really use the HDR mode of the drone? Here we will take the EVO II quadcopter drone as an example to introduce the shooting and post-production of HDR photos.

What is HDR mode?

It might be a little confusing for those who might not be familiar with HDR. To put it simply, this is when the camera captures high dynamic range photos, between the brightest place and the darkest place, turning on the HDR mode can adjust the exposure and shadows.

The process of creating an HDR photo is actually taking multiple exposures and concatenating them into one photo. HDR photos preserve all the information in the overexposed and shadowed frames.

EVO II captures HDR photos

First open the Autel Explorer App, which is the designated App for EVO II series drones, not applicable to other drone series.

Enter the App, you can see the drone settings in the camera view, and the pilot can adjust the image size, format, etc.

In the photo mode setting, 3-5 photos can be selected in AEB mode. AEB mode stands for Auto Exposure Bracketing, it sets the camera into continuous shooting mode, and it supports adjusting ISO and shutter speed to take pictures.

Usually three consecutive photos are enough, here we choose 5. Pilots can also choose the photo format. The best format to choose for drone photos is RAW, which will allow for more leeway when editing drone photos in post. Photo files in RAW format will not be damaged during editing.

During the drone shooting process, select the shooting subject, and only need to click the shutter button to automatically take 5 photos. During the continuous shooting process of the drone, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the lens as much as possible. The offset of the drone will cause great difficulties in stitching the 5 photos in the later stage.

Drone HDR Photo Editing

To get great HDR photos, you may also need post-production. One of the efficient and fast drone editing software: Adobe Lightroom.

Introduction of Drone HDR Photo Synthesis Video

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